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Anonymous asked in HealthDiseases & ConditionsSkin Conditions · 10 years ago

I was diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis in 2010 : (?

It started when I turned 29, my hair length is to the middle of my back ( the longest I have ever had it ). After it became real itchy & real obvious of the flaking my husband started giving me home remedies to try ( so we did try these things in various ways & some as directed- sometimes using only one at a time to see what worked-also tried leaving the product in my hair over night so it could soak threw the scalp and washed the scalp in the morning I have used a variety of products also tried other peoples advice- tee tree oil, pure coconut oil 1jar, pure mint, scalpsin, prescriptions from doctor ( that was just wasted money )

( I was mad I had to pay $63.00 for 2 4oz bottles medication that didn't work + 300.00 for her to tell me I have this scalp problem I already knew). She was listing every thing I have already tried ). I have also done ~ changing out brushes, keeping my hair out of hair ties, blow drying it after every shower, selsen blue, head and shoulders shampoo's, pure mint oil & shampoo ( any type of mint STINGS THE SCALP ), Denorex shampoo's including EXTRA STRENGTH ), Jason tee tree shampoo & conditioner's, baby oil ( keep scalp oiled makes scalp look clean ~ makes hair look like I am afraid of water and soap.) I was doing the hair salon every month $50.00 every time, purified water when washing my scalp, Tried this all natural pure-castile soap, I have used just about every scalp treatment and shampoo there is to getting rid of this & nothing is working over the year. ( I live in Alaska products & hair salon is NOT CHEAP ) most everything I have purchased is around $12.00- $20.00 a bottle or vile. It will look okay but, as long as it is moist once the scalp has dried it's back to the thick patch of crud again. It's annoying, frustrating, embarrassing and hard to get rid of.

oh, I have learned hot water on something that itches makes it worse ~ if you use some sort of mint on a itchy area then rinse it with cold water it stops the burning and itching. oh, I have learned hot water on something that itches makes it worse ~ if you use some sort of mint on a itchy area then rinse it with cold water it stops the burning and itching for a few.

Could I get some advice of what to try next? Dermatologist, I know but he is just going to tell me the same thing - Here are some expensive pills you can take that wont work but hay, I got you're money and it sounded good and the money looked good in my till ! EEEERRRRRRRRR - is there any one not after money???? I AM IN A LOT OF PAIN, FRUSTRATIONS WITH THIS SCALP ISSUE, PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN BE UNDERSTANDING AND SERIOUS WITH ME.


I have a few mistakes in here so I do apologize.

Update 2:

I have a few mistakes in here so I do apologize.

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    10 years ago
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    Many people don't realize that whatever is going on with your skin comes from within! Everything that you tried is all topical remedies. True, they will help with the nasty symptoms, some more than others, but you need to focus on imbalances within the body. Whether you have acne, psoriasis, eczema, blotchy skin, etc., it means 2 things: detoxify and eat right. I had eczema on my hands so bad (and I was a massage therapist - not good when clients would see the hands that were going to be rubbing on them for an hour!!) and it took me almost 2 years to find a solution. I went on a raw food diet detox program. Sounds hard to do, but it wasn't that bad. In fact not only did my skin issue go away, but 2 other issues that I was dealing with were gone.

    Nutrients lacking in people's regular diet cause an acidosis effect on the body. Disease feeds and breeds in an acidic body! When you eat alkalizing foods, such as a diet that consists of at least 80% raw vegan food, no meat or dairy, no processed foods, etc. you cannot imagine the positive effects that your body will experience! Because of how we westerners eat, we have forgotten what a truly healthy body feels like! With this eating plan, your body naturally purges toxins, becomes an alkaline state and clear, healthy skin is just the tip of the iceberg!

    Hope this sheds some light on your issue and much luck to you!

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    5 years ago

    The main cause of Seborrheic Dermatitis is overreaction of the immune system. Identifying certain foods, chemicals, etc can be very helpful in battling this disease. I try to avoid milk products which trigger my flare-ups. After using number of prescription drugs I've turned to the natural treatments. Now I use serenaskin eczema herbal remedies , which aim at the root of the disease - the immune system, and are steroid-free. After about 2 weeks of using ointment and spray my skin has been cleared up and now I continue with eczema extract, which controls the immune system. My skin has been clear for months now. It is the only treatment I have found that provides me complete relief when I use it as directed.

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    Living with eczema at any stage in life, whether during childhood or adulthood, can evolve into a severely troublesome skin problem that can take a toll on your physical and mental health. Learn here

    Recurring itchy, dry skin can turn to damaged, red, and raised patches that can lead to agony and embarrassment

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