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How would I go about changing the laws pertaining to anti depressants?

I still sufer from ED and premature ejaculation over 6 years since I've touched Prozac. I was a minor who was taking the garbage because my parents made me and was totally unaware of sexual side effects. Not only did it happen to me but Eli Lilly pharm company's claims that sexual side effects were temporary was also BS because years later I am still suffering from it. So recently it was brought to my attention that people who get medicinal cannabis cards are required to sign a waiver explaining all the "harms" associated with cannabis even though 99% of the claims are based on flawed and debunked studies. So what I thought was that I should fight for this to be a requirement for all prescription drugs, or at least anti depressants. After all the side effects of this SSRIs are underrated and hidden, while the side effects of cannabis are totally fabricated. I know money is the reason for these injustices but I want to give all my effort to have this signed into law so that there will be less victims like myself out there. These pharmaceutical companies fill me with complete rage and I want to change things for the better. So can you all give a brother some advice? How can one guy like me make that big of a difference? I just feel powerless because I'm one man going against a big evil corporation. I'm going to write letters to politicians no doubt but I was wondering what else I can do? Erin Brockavich made **** happen and I want to as well.

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    The side effects are printed on a sheet that is included with all medication. You and your parents failure to read the material is the problem.

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    I admire your passion and I sympathise as many drugs I was put on have left me with side effects that were most certainly not on the information sheet but that you can find out about with a little digging around for reports. It would be tough to take on big pharma. They are the reason so many drugs are pushed into people and in my opinion the cause of many conditions rather than the cure. I suppose you need to find a lawyer who believes the same as you and some doctors to back you up. If you haven't already done so, read a book called Medication Madness, written by a top psychiatrist who's name i can't remember. He may be able to advise you if you emailed him. I know many people will read your question and think its a futile mission but they have clearly not been affected by psychiatric drugs and misleading doctors and information from the likes of Eli Lilly and astra zeneca. You could make a difference. Good luck.

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    Your parents got one of these patient information sheets when they picked up your drug. It says that one of the side effects id "diminished sex drive" - not "temporary diminished sex drive".

    Your parents did not read the information sheet, or thought that your condition was severe enough to risk the side effects.

    IMHO the drug company and pharmacy did alert your parents (legal guardians at the time you were taking the drug) to the possible side effects. They can't have a representative in every pharmacy in the world forcing people to actually READ the warnings!

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