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MyWinLocker: Is my master password the password to my computer?

I encrypted a Word Document because it's kind of personal and don't want anyone reading it on accident. I used the Master Password option 'cuz I figured it meant the password to my computer. Yet I typed it in to decrypt the file, just to make sure, and it says it's wrong. Why? I've never used MyWinLocker before, and I don't ever remember setting a password for it.

The document was more of a vent than anything, so I suppose I could delete it if I can't get it to work, lol. It'd be a pain to type all over again. Thanks in advance!

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    No you decide the password for WinLocker the default password is 0000 if that doesent work you can uninstall WinLocker and reinstall it if you want it.You can just hide the document somwhere where someone wont wont find it like call it for example driver 1 to make it look like a part of the computer and hide it in a folder smowhere were none ever goes.

    Hope i helped

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    Forgot Mywinlocker Password

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