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How to start screen printing?

I already have a simple screen, squeegee and some acrylic screen printing paints. What else do I need? And how do I begin? ABSOLUTE beginner here.

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  • B Wong
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    9 years ago
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    since you dont have any other supplies. I'd say get some paper and cut some stencils out. Tape them to the screen. Take your ink and run your ink through the screen once without printing on anything (this is called flooding the image). Next put your paper under the screen, run your ink through again, and you got your print. Remember to flood your screen after each print to keep the ink wet, or else it'll dry and your screen will clog. When you wash out your screen, use a strong hose to make sure there's no left over ink

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  • Tammy
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    4 years ago

    problematic thing. check out from bing and yahoo. it may help!

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  • 5 years ago

    complicated stuff. check out onto yahoo and bing. this can assist!

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