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Has the economy proven that Karl Marx was right?

Capitalism will destroy itself if given the chance


JLK_American_Patriot – “Give the politicians control...Is there anything more laughable?” Laughable? Now that is misguided. We elect them, to run the government. Someone has to be in control. Do you really want to know what is wrong with the government? The biggest problem is we allow people vote who are incapable to make an educated decision and as a result end up with ideological populist leaders and a ruined economy.

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    History has proven that extremes are never sustainable. We have been moving further and further to the right and we have only seen more poverty and more recessions.

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    Marxism in a countries system has left most of its population in a semi poverty state that is almost impossible to dig out of. Only the higher ups in the system are allowed to live in luxury. Where are you guys seeing that marxism or socialism is leading to good living standards for its people. Never gets cited does it. Just that is works so great in some countries some where in the world some where over there. Never specified.

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    Lol-Capitalism is still here but communism collapsed under it's own history has shown,politburo with it's secret police and military couldn't keep the 90% wealth they had appropriated while paying peanuts to the workers they kept saying was the backbone of communism.

    Of course,communism only works for those in power,the rest starve.

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    Nope, it underlines what is the failure of Marxism.

    Governmental control of an economy always leads to the enrichment of a few elites at the expense of the workers. Doesn't matter if the government is Marxist or not.

    Marx didn't understand the concepts of Forced and Organic Cybernetic control systems.

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  • And karl marx's solution to a struggling capitalist economy? Give the politicians control...Is there anything more laughable?

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    No. We don't have capitalism. We have an increasingly state-dominated mixed economy.

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    Yes, he has proven to be 100% so far.

    Capitalism has to fail in order to have a society free from owners, where workers can cooperate and collaborate to produce products, and where workers and NOT owners can reap the profits from labor.

  • Marx divided by zero.

    Any similarity between his ravings and reality is pure coincidence.

    Source(s): As for your link, a recession is hardly evidence of the economy "destroying itself."
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    Capitalism sows the seeds of its own destruction; yes.

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