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Worried worried worried worried! That's all I ever do since I got pregnant!?

I'm 20 weeks and 4 days. I love my baby very much, God blessed me. But I didn't think pregnancy would give me worry after worry. And I don't mean money wise! I'm talking about what's around me, what I eat, cat litter, illnesses, my health. Its just difficult to keep track of everything! I'm so worried that something would happ to my baby! I would die or go crazy! How common is miscarriage at 5 months?? I don't even know anything about my health since the last time I saw a doc was when I was 11 years old!! I have no insurance only for my pregnancy. I think my kidneys are bad. I got a sono at 20 weeks into my pregnancy and my baby is fine but I'm still worried since he hasn't moved since last night. :/ I feel like my doc don't pay attention enough!!

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    Welcome to motherhood lol...just take it easy, yes there are lots to worry about but just know that everything you feel...that baby of yours feels it too so you need to find something that helps you de-stress...take a warm bubble bath, read a book, get a pregnancy massage...etc....pamper yourself and STOP STRESSING..its sooooo bad for baby. Motherhood brings lots of worries even before your little one gets here but this is how you know you'll be a good mommy. Take care of yourself, eat right, excersize and you and baby will be just fine and trust me you think its bad now...wait till he/she finally gets here its so much worse but you cant blame yourself for everything. Since you havent felt the baby move doesnt mean you miscarried it just means you are too busy to feel anything, the dr would tell you to eat something and lay down for an hour and count the movements, once you're inactive baby will probably become even more active.

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  • Girl, I worry all the time too. (I'm 20 weeks 1 day) I worry so much because I haven't started feeling my baby move regularly. I have felt him for sure 1 time. And a bunch of other times I assume it was him moving. I was so upset about my appointment yesterday because they had to turn me away because my medicaid wasn't showing in their system, so now I have to wait until my next appointment to see that my baby is okay. But at 5 months a miscarriage is very uncommon unless something is seriously wrong. Just take a deep breath and try to relax because you stressing puts stress on the baby ((which could also cause baby to not move as much!)) Relax in a warm bath and try to enjoy your pregnancy. I know its not the easiest thing to do, trust me, I get it! I worry about food, my sleeping positions, medications I can and cannot take and so on. Also, get the What To Expect When You're Expecting book! I never thought I would want it, but it really can put your mind at ease about some things! It has helped me some :)

    Good luck with everything, and I am sure you will have a beautiful baby come...December! (thats my due date so im assuming its yours too! lol)

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    If you feel like your doctor dosnt pay attention you should change your doctor that's very very important for the sack of your baby I don't believe you can have a misscarriage at 5 months the baby is big already just not ready to come out ofcourse and one of the most important things in pregnancy is if you if decrease of movement you should go in and waste no time you always wanna make sure your baby is ok dont worry to much is could also stress you out and that's not good for your baby goodluck just hang in there you have 4 months to times flys I hoped I helped :)

    Source(s): Mami of a 1 week baby
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    It's very normal to worry while pregnant but the amount you're worrying is a little excessive and that could have a lot to do with your changing hormones.

    At your next appointment tell your doctor all your concerns. If you don't feel like he/she is paying enough attention TELL her/him that. No matter what kind of insurance you have they need to give you the BEST possible care (physical as well as mental).

    Also, I don't know which insurance you have but if it's Medicaid (which is usually what people have to cover their pregnancies) it should cover other medical non-pregnancy related things! Research it.

    Hormones can do lots of crazy things to our minds and give us anxiety. Your doctor should know that you're feeling this way so that he or she can help you in the best possible way.

    Source(s): Mommy to 1 who used Medicaid and had anxiety (after the pregnancy but still hormone related)
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    You got a lot of good answers so i wont write alot but its normal to worry. u dont want to hurt something u love. every women has this. bare in mind women have been giving birth for.. ever! even times when hygine isnt possible like in todays age. your be fine, youve come 5months so very unlikely anything will happen but please stop stressing- stress isnt good. as said every one gets panicky when i was preg i had severe sickness which worried me it was hurting the baby, then one day i wasnt sick for a few hours and i worried about y. u just cant win. lol!

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  • I think every pregnant women worries, it's normal. Just try not to stress :)

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