Tell MeGothicRockMusic similar2/The Mission-Wasteland"/Sisters of Mercy-"Lucretia,My Reflection"/1919-"Dream"?

i also like / Siouxee and the Banshees - "Israel," "The Killing Jar" / Jesus and Mary Chain - "Head On," "Snakedriver" / Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - "Hangman," "Another Side" / Alien Sex Fiend - "Boneshaker Baby," "I Walk the Line (Between Good and Evil)" / Bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead," "Strange" / The Cure - "Lullaby" / The Black Angels - "River of Blood" / Kommunity FK - "Something Inside Me Has Died" / Every New Dead Ghost - "She's Waiting" / Joy Division - "Shadowplay" / Bone Orchard - "Penthouse Poultry" / Sex Beat - "Defixions" / Strange Boutique - "A Happy Death" / ASP - "Me" / Dead Artists Syndrome - "Prince of Darkness" / Killing Joke - "Love Like Blood"

thx@charmed megan - thx for letting me know in a previous posting of this question about ASP and Dead Artist's Syndrome. please, people out there, let me know of stuff similar to anything on the above list. i eagerly await new answers

also one of my friends let me onto Requiem in White. their song "Secret of Secrets" is not bad, starts off with good guitars but later crumbles apart. i've also searched things on, but it still is not enuff 4 me. i am still looking to discover new music, ppl, please keep on helping me out


@stephen returns - thanks "dominion" is a good song. i like the opening sax, maybe you know the name of who played that saxophone solo, it reminds me of the sax solo in the movie "angel heart" by courtney pine. somebody told me that the sax solo in "dominion" doesnt fit the song, and its volume too loud as compared to the rest of the song. to me, it was a nice intro that admittedly doesn't fit the rest of the song, strong and colorful sax. stephen, can you advise me more stuff by all kinds of different bands/singers?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Dominion by Sisters of Mercy.

    All those songs are terrific. You have good taste.

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