Car electrical system randomly shuts down?

I recently bought a 2008 Chevy Impala about 3 weeks ago. (The electrical system is not in the warranty or else I would take back to where i bought it.) My car first would not start about a week ago. I mean it didn't make no noise nothing and it was like the battery was dead. So I bought a new one and 2 times since the new battery my cars electrical system just like dies out. I would put the key in the ignition then all of a sudden everything goes out i am not even able to start it and the key gets stuck in the ignition. I also never done this before but the engine was really dusty so one day i decided to wash it off at a local car wash and this was the day before my car battery died. Is it possible something got wet that wasn't suppose to? I mean i barely washed it i mainly put it on the engine block it wasn't a power wash it was the engine wash option they had if you ever seen one at a local car wash. (anyways just a fyi i did get a stereo installed about 2 weeks ago before the new battery and i had a amp and sub hooked up but took it out due to my amp messing up. Also I have HID lights installed) Not sure if that might have anything to do with it. My father-in-law who sort of knows cars said I have a short in it due to my stereo i installed. He said its using too much power and draining the battery not sure if there's any truth to it. But my stereo goes off every time i turn the car off. I mean I do leave the faceplate on just simply since I have a alarm and live in a decent area. Please any help. I'm thinking of just putting back the factory stereo and seeing if the problem goes away. One last thing before this i had a 2005 impala with the same set up and did not have any problem at all.

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    9 years ago
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    This looks complicated. I dont think us here will be able to help you out. You need professional opinion. You can try asking certified ASE technicians here. They have access to all the service manuals and will be able to provide you the exact information you need.

    Go to and ask them your question. For new customers, you can ask your questions FREE. Its always good to get second opinion before you repair it yourself or pay a mechanic hundredes of dollars.


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