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weed, weed, weed, please look?

Okay, I smoke marijuana. I find nothing wrong with it, I know people say its a "gateway" drug, but I use to be somebody who took pills to relax. The weed, for me is a drug that STOPS me from going onto other drugs. It relaxes me when I have anxiety and stress, I write music an when I smoke weed an write I become more focused and am able to write better. My grades don't slip, and yet my mom is always yelling at me about it. How could I tell her in a way that me smoking weed is actually helpful for me, I mean she smokes cigs an they are far more harmful than weed.

And another question. Should weed be legal, I think so.

We spend too much money locking up these "Drug users" when if we used the #1 cash crop we could pick up our economy a little. I feel if someone can drink 20 beers in a night, and smoke cigs with all the harmful chemicals then I should be aloud to smoke my marijuana, which is far less dangerous than Alcohol an Cigs combined.


Im 17 -__-

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    Lol ur a little to young to be smoking weed if your mom nags you about It lol. But u cnt convince yur parents that weed is gud for u. Your doing illegal drugs and parents don't want to have their kid being a drug user. I jus smoked an 8th acouple mins ago lol. Anyways I dnt think weed shud be legal cus then us dealers wud run out of buisness. If anything I want weed to be decriminalized, then we'd be good, I'm mad burnt out I'm off 2 bed pce

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    I told my mom its better for your health then cigarettes, and the only reason why its illegal is because the hemp plant is a cheaper and more effective way to make paper and big company's that basically run everything made it illegal, otherwise its perfectly harmless compared to alcohol and cigarettes

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    Agreed smoke weed all day we day !

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    Agreed. LEGALIZE!

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  • chieko
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    go to YouTube and look up that song by afroman...

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