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what did i eat to spike my blood sugar, i'm beign so careful!?

I'm trying so hard and now i'm so discouraged and upset that i want to just cry and throw in the towel.

All day i've kept my BS under 120 so I was stunned when I checked it after lunch that it was 148! This is what I ate; peas-carrots mixed,(10 carbs 4 sugars but ate more then the serving size of 2/3 cups) very small amounts in a bag, a low carb tortilla (7carbs 0 sugar). A bit later I had a piece of dark chocolate that is 85 percent cocoa (13 carbs, 3 sugar) I didnt even have the full serving, then I had 3 little cheetos..nothing else! What did I do wrong? I'm afriad I may of crossed the line into diabetes as right now I am insulin resistant. I will check in one hour to see what happened. I'm so very hungry though. I ate at noon and i'm weak and starving and shaking feeling. I'm cooking some dream fields which seems to be good on my Bs and some meatballs, soon they will be done and I can eat and thank God for that! But where did I go wrong? the carrot and pea mixture? the low carb tortilla? i've eaten more carbs then this at one meal and never had this high of a reading that i can ever remember? could the few cheetos of done this? I didnt wait an hour to test after the cheetos cause i didnt think they would even!


SO What should my levels be for insulin resistant compared to normal person?

I was at 138 then one hour later was 131, 2 hours 130 and 3 hours 92 and starving again

so need to eat!

Update 2:

I'm so bummed! Maybe I didnt eat enough food???? I had green beans, sliced deli meat and some dream fields and half a cup of milk. Before I started i was 86! I was feeling funny and shaking, lots of anxiety...about half an hour later I was still so hungry so I caved in because i was out doing errands and had a grilled chicken wrap from wendy, it finally filled me up! 90 mns later I tested and I was at 113. I'm hungry again, ugggh, why am I always hungry?

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    One thing I cannot eat at all is peas and carrots! They always send my glucose up to the moon, like to 300 on regular serving!! Mashed potatoes and gravy are not that bad, but bad. I do not know what a "low carb tortilla" might be! I have never met any grain or cereal product that was nice to me. They all send my glucose up.

    I am thinking you are not eating enough food!! fasting or semi starvation is a signal to the liver to call for a stored glucose dump into the system to prevent the body from starving.

    DON"T ever be starving!! add a little more fats into your food plan. Add a little more protein into your food plan. Add a little green veggie into your food plan.

    I eat a 3 to 6 ounce piece of meat 3 times a day with a lovely salad: spinach, tomato, cucumber, radish slices, hardboiled eggs, bell pepper slices, onion slivers, and REGULAR dressing, a yummy one. This nets me about 30 grams of carbohydrate!! I do not count the sugars separate from the carb grams as all carb grams are sugar anyway. I don't count the fiber carb grams separate either for the same reason. Count total carb grams only!!!

    Do not worry if your glucose went that high after eating!! That is NORMAL!!!

    Do not test any sooner after a meal or snack than 90 minutes!! preferably a full 2 hours!!

    Do not starve!

    Life is not coming to an end even if you must take a tablet to help control your glucose.Metformin is only $4 per month!!

    I would be totally delighted if my glucose was anywhere under 148 without much ado and a shootup with instant insulin!!

    NOTE: dreamfields pasta is not my friend either! it sends my glucose up. It doesn't matter if I use whole grain pastas and breads or super refined white flour products. My glucose will shoot up really fast. even with that nasty dreamfields stuff. I like to make my own pastas, but don't any more as I like to eat it too much.

    I follow the South Beach phase 2 food plan with a few exceptions. This is the diet most of the better endocrinologists recommend, I have been on it for about 15 years.

    Above all!!! Quit stressing when you go a tiny bit high!! The world will not end just because the condition you are blessed with decided to progress no matter what you were doing to prevent it doing so!! YES!! You should consider yourself as diabetic and live that way!! You will quit stressing and raising your glucose with stress for no good reason.

    My bro died and my very careful lifestyle went out the window. I don't mean I ate any different or did less exercise for a day or so, I mean the stress of losing a sibling is very very stressful and caused me to race to the moon with a near 500 reading for a couple of weeks!! Yes, stress can do that before you get a chance to level yourself back out.

    How about you go to Sams or somewhere and get the very lovely intro to Tai Chi DVD and book. It really helps, is strenuous exercise, but relaxes the mind at the same time with the slow rhythmic movements!! and it was on sale for less than $10!! Even just listening to the music and rhythmic voices of the masters is soothing!!

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    First of all, stop feeling discouraged. You are doing your best but diabetes is a bummer. Take comfort in the fact that every time you test your blood sugar, it is not a judgement on you. It is just a number. Data. Information, from which you can figure out trends and patterns. And the more data you have, the better you will be able to manage your condition in the long run.

    One thing also is that you might have checked too early. The target is to be under 140 at two hours post meal. That's officially non-diabetic, however truly normal would be back to 80-100 at two hours post meal.

    As you know, insulin resistance makes you more at risk for Type 2 diabetes. The fact that you were starving again 3 hours after your meal sounds like there's an insulin spike there making you hungry. That is a really bad sign because it sounds like your pancreas is over-producing insulin, and if that continues, then your pancreas might poop out and it'll be hello diabetes.

    I suggest that you increase the protein content of your meals because protein is only slowly turned into glucose and will keep you feeling full for longer. You will also need less insulin to metabolize protein.

    I do feel your frustration at getting high numbers after what, to the rest of the world, would be a low-carb meal. However peas and carrots are on the carby side as vegetables go.

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    That would be too much carb for my system. The golden rule is to mix protein with carbs for slower absorption. It'll be trial and error for you to figure out what spikes you and what doesn't, but keep a food journal and meter readings to help with that. A note on the pasta, remember that the pasta is a carb and so is the sauce you're going to put on it. The fat and protein in the meatballs will help with balancing things, but you've got a 2 to 1 ratio going on so go light on the sauce, easy on the pasta and a little heavier on the meatballs. Skip any bread when eating pasta and test after 1, 2 and 4 hours to see what the effect is. I personally just avoid pasta altogether, dreamfields or not because my system can't handle pasta or rice very well at all. I make things like "spaghetti surprise" which is a homemade spaghetti meat sauce with cottage cheese and parmesan cheese in it. All the flavor of having spaghetti without the actual carby spaghetti! One more thing, never let yourself get starving hungry, eat small amounts all throughout the day so you don't send your system into a panic. Always keep diabetic friendly snacks with you when you're away from home. I actually carry an insulated lunch box with me in the car with stuff in it just in case because I live 20 minutes out of town and I never know what my day will bring. Be prepared, just like the boy scouts!!!!

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    That's a lot of carbohydrates in one sitting. Although you'll often read that diabetics should eat anywhere from 30-60 grams per meal, any diabetic who regularly checks his blood sugar will tell you that it's basically impossible to maintain good blood sugar while doing that. If I ate what you did, I'd probably be much higher. Of course, I am a diabetic.

    You ate a lot of carbohydrates that turn to sugar in the blood very fast, too. Grains are a real problem for me, even low-carbohydrate ones. Not all carbohydrates are created equal, as you are learning. Some affect blood sugar more than others. Also, blood sugar can just vary from day to day even when eating the same foods.

    I'm not surprised that you're hungry. You're eating all sugar and starch, a little fat from the chocolate, and not really any protein. If you up your protein and fat, decrease your sugar and starch, and opt for low-carbohydrate and non-starchy vegetables instead (broccoli, for example), you'll see a dramatic decrease in your blood sugar. Don't give up. This disease is a learning process. I'm three years in and I still experiment sometimes. I have good days and bad. Even when I do everything right, I still see numbers on my meter that upset me and drive me crazy. You are not a bad person because you had one elevated reading - we all do! Just learn and adjust. If you have the tortilla, eat it with meat and cheese instead of sugary carrots and peas. If you eat chocolate, wait until your blood sugar returns to normal after your last meal because it's harder for your pancreas to cope with an overload of carbohydrates in a short period of time. Eat more protein and fat because you'll be less hungry and less likely to binge.

    P.S. I have experimented with Dreamfields. My blood sugar is very good when I eat it, too, but I know a lot of diabetics who have a delayed spike, usually by the 5th or 6th hour. I suggest you test that far out to make sure you're not having one of those spikes. Also, with Dreamfields, it has to be cooked al dente to protect that coating that blocks the absorption of the carbs. Overcooking it basically turns it into regular pasta. Good luck!

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    This Site Might Help You.


    what did i eat to spike my blood sugar, i'm beign so careful!?

    I'm trying so hard and now i'm so discouraged and upset that i want to just cry and throw in the towel.

    All day i've kept my BS under 120 so I was stunned when I checked it after lunch that it was 148! This is what I ate; peas-carrots mixed,(10 carbs 4 sugars but ate more then the...

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    Just don't overdo anything. Worry is also a thing. Your sugar will go up after you eat, that's NORMAL.If you shake a lot (low sugar) talk to your doc. You might need to eat a little more. There are tons of diabetes diets out there . I've had it for years due to exposure to agent orange in nam and I'm still alive.

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  • Lisa
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    Of course any simple carb such as candy will get your level up quick..However, you will also take another quick nose dive if you don't take in a little protien as well. The best is peanut butter and crackers and a glass of milk. Do not get in the habit of simple sugers,it tells your pancreas to increase insulin production,which as I said before will lower your blood sugar level too quickly . endless cycle kind of thing..hope this helps!

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  • Robert
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    hr. after you eat the sugar level spikes drastically, its normal, you were under 150 its good for a diabetic. if you are a normal person, you should get checked out

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