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How would you book Seth Rollins ( Tyler Black ) debut in WWE.?

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    NXT with CM Punk as his pro and he wins it and goes on to win the IC/US title.

  • I'd book him as the winner of the next Season of WWE NXT. With the 6th Season of NXT rolling by, I'm really hoping he's a candidate in the show so he can dominate through. I think It's only a matter of time before they call him up to the Main Roster. I could already seeing him having great matches on Smackdown with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Christian, Cody Rhodes, and possibly Sheamus if booked right. Who knows, he could even be brought into the sixth season of NXT with guys like Richie Steamboat and Xavier Woods (Consequences Creed), Dean Ambrose and Bo Rotundo.

  • I eventually want a Triple Threat Match between Former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk vs. Former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Former Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black. I leave it up to the WWE Booking Team to script the storyline to put this match together.

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    I wouldn't put him on either NXT or tough enough. It be better to push him as a heel who doesn't like his past on the indies and tries to put it down. Push him strong onto the main roster than be on NXT when he'd have to take part on those silly challenges or on Tough Enough when he already has enough experience. You'd also want to build him up with vignettes a la Sin Cara or Karma so the fans know who he is. Plus, and this is important, have Michael Cole say he's the only good wrestler who was "An internet darling".

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    I in no way like predicting those issues by way of fact i think that it jinx the wrestlers. as nicely, we've not any assure that Rollins is even going to get referred to as up. Plus, if he does get referred to as up, he might desire to stick to the same direction as Kaval. If I have been compelled to pass with, nonetheless, i could assume NXT.

  • Zuel
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    Would you be suprised if he was on NXT?

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