What happened to all the pictures on my Sony Cybershot DSC-W370 camera?

I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W370 camera and I used it to take all of my pictures for my recent 5 week long vacation. When I got home I tried to download the pictures onto my computer, but they had disappeared. They did not show up on the camera. The strange part is I know they were on the camera before because I went back and reviewed them on the camera. Does anyone know what happened and if I can retrieve them? Thanks for the help!

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    9 years ago
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    Go to your friendly neighbourhood camera shop, explain the situation and ask them if they could try the card out on other cameras and vice versa - try out different memory cards in your camera.

    The memory card works? Great!

    Get a memory card reader, take the memory card out, put it in the reader.

    Works? Great!

    How easy was that, eh?

    Doesn't work? Look up some data recovery software, and then, well, you know what to do.

    Works? Great!

    Doesn't work? Well, ****.

    It kindof looks like it might be your camera's fault though - what happens when you try to take a picture? Does it save it like it should?

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  • 9 years ago

    Do not take anymore pictures and try this. No guarantees.

    Download the program http://www.recuva.com?

    You must not take anymore pictures on your card.

    You will need a card reader either on your computer or an external USB card reader? Put the card in the card reader, open the recuva program, the welcome to the recuva wizard will open, click on next. next box, choose 'pictures', click on next, next box choose 'on my media card' click next. Check 'enable deep scan' click on start. Wait, for it to do it's magic.

    You need to use a card reader either one already in your computer (some have one, some don't). Or buy an external USB card reader. They are around 10.00 and can be found at walmart, bestbuy, frys, probably target.

    The problem with built in card readers is that they will usually only read up to a 2G card.

    I was not able to recover photos by hooking the camera up to the pc with the usb cord, it just won't work.

    This is the important part. Choose the pics you want to recover, then choose recover, a box comes up asking where you want to save to. Choose documents/my pictures or wherever you want to save your pictures too. The pictures ONLY save to your pc and not the card.

    Then format your card in the camera, this should be done with every major download to avoid coruption.

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  • Jody
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Low power? Leave the battery charging overnight.

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