<LINK rel='"stylesheet"' href="http://flipper-uppers.co... type="text/css" media="all"/>?

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is this correct ' "stylesheet" ' of just "stylesheet" with no extra '

thanks al
Update : what about this one

<link rel='stylesheet' id='screen.css'href='http://flipmysite.c... type='text/css' media='all' />

Why the Id='' ehats that for?

thanks again all
Update 2: whats the

ID='' for ? what is it used for?
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with no extra ' is right, you can do both of these 'stylesheet' or "stylesheet"
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  • thokling answered 3 years ago
    In HTML, things like "rel" and "id" and "href" are called "attributes". The "link" thing is a tag. All of it together is an element.

    Elements are made up of tags and attributes, in other words. Now, each attribute must be separated by spaces.

    "ID" is used by scripts (like JavaScript) to identify the element so that scripts can access the information inside.

    You can use single or double quotes, but make sure they match up. For instance, this is okay:

    <link rel='stylesheet' id="screen.css" ... />

    However, this is incorrect:

    <link rel='stylesheet" id="screen.css' ... />

    I think that about does it.
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