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Are these story ideas good?

Please rate them on a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best) and leave any other additional comments you like.

1. Long ago on the planet of Alder, demons and angels coexisted (somewhat) peacefully. But then, one day, the demons attacked, killing all angels and the queen. But in the queens final stand, she took out the demon king with her. Being immortal, neither of them were completely defeated.

Years later, a native girl named Caitlyn discovers that she is the "host" to the remaining piece of the angel queen. Now, Caitlyn must collect the pieces of the Orb of Light to revive the queen. But the queen is not the only one on a journey to revive themselves, the demon king is too, and if he beats the others to it, he will release an evil plague that will allow him to control the people of Alder.

--Yeah, I know the synopsis could be better--

2. All throughout the world, many innocent people are dying, due to Death, the ruler of the Underworld. Two boys, Max and Chester Figgins, are sick of Death's wrong doing. So one day, while Death is roaming their street doing his daily killings, Chester confronts him, and then cheats him. Death is furious, and begins to hunt down Chester so he can end him once and for all. Death doesn’t know it, but this is part of a diversion. Meanwhile, Max is on a journey into the Underworld to obtain and destroy The Bone, the item that gives Death his powers.

--Again, sorry for the synopsis--

3. Humans have been the superior race for years on Earth. That all changes when "Magicks" invade the Earth, sending humans to prisons as they move in. A group of unlikely humans manages to escape the grasp of the Magicks, and are now on a journey to stop them.

--By the way the group is made up of people of all ages, backgrounds, personalities, ethnicity, etc.--

4. A group of teens known around their town as thieves is asked to do a special job: rob a simple house and be reward $10, 000, 000. Of course, because the kinds have done hundreds of these with ease, they accept. Little did they know they were getting themselves into trouble, deep trouble. As they snoop through the house looking for the item they were there to rob, they encounter something horrific: a 9-foot-tall "man" made of fire. They run out of the house, getting as far as they could. The next day, they confront their client about this. The client tells them of how that house is a demon lair, and those demons have the "recipe" for complete immortality and power. The kids leave their client to do the work on their own, but are attacked by demons days later. They know they can't escape this problem, and now must use their skills to help stop the demons.

--AGAIN, I'm sorry for a bad synopsis--


No, the kids and their client want the recipe so the demons can't use it... (#4)

5 Answers

  • 9 years ago
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    I think 2 and 4 could be turned into something special, but to rate them, here it is:

    1) 4 out of 10

    The story line sounds kind of cliched. Every other fantasy novel has the same basic plot (young, inexperienced person chosen by "fate" or whatever to save the world because of a specific gift / ability). I'm not saying it would necessarily be a bad story, just a bit too formulaic.

    2) 6/7 out of 10

    I had a similar idea for a book a while ago (sadly it remained an idea haha). What really appeals to me about this story line is how far you can it i.e.: The ramifications of eliminating death. Overpopulation, the question of whether animals would also stop dying (and if so, would it be ethical to continue eating them), etc. All kinds of issues arise from the elimination of death.

    3) 5 out of 10

    Kind of like Pocahontas (or more accurately, Avatar), but told from the Indians perspective.

    4) 7 out of 10

    I think this could really work as a comedy piece. I think a Tom Holt / Terry Prachett style of narrative could make it something special. If you want to keep it serious I'm afraid it might come off sounding a bit "Goosebumps"-ish.

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  • 9 years ago

    i think they all have potential and sound good. Personally my favorites are 1 and 4. i think a twist in number 1 could be that Caitlyn's male friend is the host of the demon without her knowing. Also in number 4, $10, 000,000 is alot of money and i get the client wants immortality and will pay alot for it but this is a man who is willing to steal for it, he's sneaky and will try and con the kids out of pay..maybe a lower figure would work better

    Check out my question?;_ylt=Ao...

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  • 4 years ago

    Wow, i'm involved already. Forbidden- i like it, i like the belief, undecided if its my style of examine, yet i think of it has means! Unsolved-as quickly as returned, no longer something i'd p.c.. up. yet i think of it must be made right into a action picture. ;]. and that i think of it could make for a sturdy secret! Undead-Ooh, this one gave me goose bumps already. i think of in case you upload greater factor, possibly by using in some unpredicted twists, i think of this one would be a fulfillment! something like this "spirit" leads her into the destiny, or shares together with her the previous.. which would be exciting! a hundred seventy five Miles Away, And nonetheless Counting- This one is my fashionable. i think of you could take this one all the way. Australia, is a suited area. i like it, no choose for a query mark. ;]. I additionally think of surfing is a sturdy thought. possibly, with the roses, and letters, he ought to steer her to her next love.. or something to that degree. i easily like this thought in spite of the undeniable fact that, its caught my interest. plus I additionally lost my breath whilst analyzing the final sentence. sturdy luck! desire i replaced into effectual!.

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  • 9 years ago

    Good.I felt that the second one is better than the others.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    reminds me of Dogma.

    and dogma is awesome ;p

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