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Is the ip address same for laptop and desktop in the same house?

I purchased a new laptop and it has wifi.My laptop's wifi was not working,so I opened my desktop,typed in ipconfig/all,and saw all the ip address,dns server,etc.

Then I typed that in the properties of laptop wifi.

Now will the ip of my laptop and desktop be the same?(Note - when I type ipconfig/all in laptop,it displays same things as in my desktop.

I don't want them to have same ip's,so if they have same ip's how to change them and make them different?

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    there r 2 options for ip available in windows

    1. automatic

    2. manual

    in case u have selected automatic the window will configure ip automatically btw it never configures the same ip and manual in this option u r free to choose ip but if u put same ip in both windows then one or both stops access to internet showing the error message of ip conflicts ....

    in short u can use the same ip on both pc bt if u connect both of them to internet at the same time then u face problem

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    They will NOT have the same ip. If somehow they do, they will not work properly.

    The router should automatically roll each device to the next available IP address.

    if not, try resetting the router.

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    Ip add. For every other device is different ... I think your wifi is not working because of user name or password or range

    Source(s): For more help go to wifi driver help files
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    Yes, this is possible...

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