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Why aren't the Tea Party members protesting the Super Congress more strongly?

They pledged to only support bills that were authorized explicitly in the Constitution, and to cite the specific part of the Constitution that authorized their bill. In creating the super congress bill they not only refused to cite the authorizing part of the Constitution, but included a requirement for an attempt to pass a Constitutional amendment for a balanced. budget, an explicit admission that they are not acting in a way specifically called for in the Constitution.

Also, the creation of a new congress which is not representative of the entire nation is clearly against the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution already has specific requirements for passing budgetary items which are designed to allow for members representing the entire nation to be included. A new Congress is unconstitutional.

The Tea Party has been silent aside from a few people I have seen writing articles saying how Obama is a nazi. Is it possible the Tea Party is nothing buy hypocrites?


Excellent point Joe in Texas, but apparently you missed the part where the members of the Tea Party Caucus voted in favor of the bill 32-28, non-Tea Bagger GOpers in Congress voted against the bill 72-29.

So in sum, I disagree with your explicit argument, but agree with your unstated point about Tea Party members being idiots that don't have a clue what they are talking about. Disregarding represented members, what about the masses of Tea Party members that are not protesting b/c they think they won, where are they?

Update 2:

Davis, I think that is right. There is a political show called the Majority Report where Sam Seder went to the Glenn Beck Tea Party gathering. He asked a lady about her thoughts and she said she didn't like Obama b/c of his Constitutional violations. He asked her which ones, and she mentioned Constitutional things, or said she didn't know, but that she was going to take a course on the Constitution later. He was like, wtf? Why protest if you don't know what you are protesting about? Go to the class first, and then come to the protest if you think something is against the Constitution.

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  • 9 years ago
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    As an attorney, who has to suffer through the fact that his own mother is belongs in the Tea party, it is simple. The don't understand the Constitution. Ask them any serious question about it, and they have no idea how it has played a role since Marbury v. Madison. Very few of them can cite any legal precedent to help their cause, and those that can fall apart in most debates once we move past basic government procedures.

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  • rose
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    9 years ago

    I believe that the "super congress" only represents around 15% of the population, so that's pretty awesome. ;)

    But in all reality you're calling out a group of people that required a reading of the constitution, and forgot to even read parts of it because pages were stuck together.....which last time I checked they loved it an knew it all by heart. I'm surprised that they didn't notice it.

    Our president was actually a professor that taught Constitutional Law, if anything he'd have a bit of an edge on the Sarah Palin's who thought Paul Revere had bells and guns, and warned the British.

    Or Bachmann who is convinced that John Adams (at 9 years old mind you), was a founding father, and fought against slavery. They love America so much that sometimes fact and contradictions don't matter.

    Hot air is all I get from that fringe of politics.

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  • 9 years ago

    *"Is it possible the Tea Party is nothing buy hypocrites?"*

    Not just possible, ... they're already THERE lol ! And looks like some of the "teabaggers" (their original name for themselves) are ON the "Super Congress" panel. That's the very dangerous part of the whole thing. They're going to bogart and scheme and scam just like they did in that last election pfft!

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  • 9 years ago

    So you missed the part where the Tea Party voted for Cut, Cap, and Balance and rejected the final "compromise bill" that set up the unconstitutional super-duper-congress.

    Mr. Boehner lost support among the 38 Republicans who signed the “Cut, Cap and Balance” pledge. They DID NOT vote for the compromise bill.

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