2000 BMW question- please help?


A friend's 2000 BMW 540i sometimes starts normally, but sometimes it has full charged battery and enough power and all the lights on the dashboard are on but no cranking. Does anyone know what the problem may be?

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    9 years ago
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    Lot of different things can go wrong with that car. The chip in the key (EWS) could be on it's way out. The antenna that reads the key could be broken. The main EWS module could be failing. The car could not know that it's in neutral (faulty safety neutral switch). The starter itself could be failing. It's really hard to get to the bottom of these intermittent issues. When the car stops starting for good, you would have to check the starter solenoid wire (BLACK/YELLOW stripe) for power when the ignition switch is turned. Your starter can be found underneath the engine, on the RF side, a little below the exhaust manifold for cylinders 1-4. If that wire is getting power, but the starter will not engage, then replace the starter. If the wire is not getting power, while the key is held in position 4, then there is an electronics problem (EWS, DME, bad ignition switch, safety neutral switch). In this case, it would be best to get a scanner that way you can see the live data, and find out which module is locking the starter down and why [key status, key's random code, neutral/clutch switch, on-board computer code, engine already running, burglar alarm lock, etc.]

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    A cable or fuse might be loose or it might need a new starter engine coil (I think that's what it's called). It's basically this big electric motor that will start the camshaft and everything when the engine starts up. It's essential for starting up and it tends to wear out after time. And 10 years have been a long time.

    Just visit a mechanic for some professional help.

    Source(s): Solved my starting problems by replacing that part.
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