who doesn't like to party?

I took one of my friends out of the country last week, she paid for herself of course. The hotel was beautiful pools next to the beach, but the best part, clubs open from 10pm-6:00AM which I was amazed at, and I was actually allowed to go clubbing because the drinking age was 18+! WHOOOHOO! But the girl I brought was sitting by the pool reading? So I ask her if she wanted to come out with me and a few people I had met earlier to go to this certain club, she replies with "No thanks, think I'm just gonna finish reading my book tonight".. Are you serious? were in one of the biggest party cities and you want to read a goddamn book!? I was amazed, regret even taking her. So my question is why is that people don't want to go out and take full advantage of the Nightlife and drink and party all night long and meet hot foreign men?!??! It doesn't get any better . I was there for 8 nights attended every possible nightclub, gotta take full advantage

who would want to miss out on a club that consists of 4800 people? with a pool party?!?!!

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    10 years ago
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    Don't take this the wrong way... but I really, really don't understand the mindset some teenagers and 20-somethings (and older adults who sadly cling to those habits) when it comes to parties and party obsessions. What does it matter to you if someone wants to relax and read while on vacation? Not everyone likes to get drunk and make a fool of themselves every opportunity they get. If YOU want to do that, go right ahead. Would you like it if your friend regarded you with the same incredulity for wasting time clubbing and drinking and burning through money that you showed her for wanting some peace and quiet?

    Frankly, I'm siding with your friend on this one. I'd rather enjoy some peace and quiet with a good book, or a nice dinner out with a small group of friends, instead of acting like an immature frat kid and partying every chance I got and wasting my time trying to impress a crowd full of drunks and ecstasy-heads.

    Who would want to miss out on a club full of 4,800 sweaty drunks bebopping to lousy music and groping each other? Me, and many many other mature adults with better things to do with our time and money.

    Kids these days. Eeesh...

  • 10 years ago

    obviously her man... its not bad some people arent partyers they would rather get educated and thats not a bad thing. im 17 and i dont really get into partying ied rther chill at home watch sports and hang out with my gf and **** like that dont need partying to have a fun time

  • 10 years ago

    probably because partying is just plain stupid

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