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佳佳 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago







可以用finally,you found 來取代you have recalled嗎??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Eventually you have recalled the password to access your gmail box.


    You have eventually found the password to access your gmail box.

    註: google信箱在全球都稱為gmail box.

    2011-08-13 13:57:38 補充:

    To 意見區Prisoner

    Not really.

    "eventually"確實常用於未來事物的"終於", 但也同樣用於現在完成式.

    請參閱例句(都有出處, 從略):

    After all that hard work eventually you have got the offer of that dream job.

    Eventually you have done the whole course and should feel refreshed for the


    2011-08-13 13:58:06 補充:

    Eventually, you have got the concluding sentence that wraps is all up.

    Eventually you have come and made me open my mouth. It is you who saved me.

    2011-08-13 14:12:05 補充:

    >可以用finally,you found 來取代you have recalled嗎??

    可以的, 兩者皆可, 但不是後者錯誤.


    Like a mediocre drummer trying to find the groove, eventually, you found it.

    But eventually you found your way by reading up on it, using interactive guides,

    watching demos, and....

    2011-08-13 14:14:46 補充:

    Your faith in yourself told you that you could ride the bicycle, and eventually you did.

    Eventually, you did move back to New York.

    Eventually, you came to accept her and you both fought, played, ate, went for

    walks, went to the vet,....

    2011-08-13 14:35:19 補充:

    Prisoner, 正常討論交流我很歡迎, 並感謝指教.

    不過, 我發覺您很喜歡跟在別人後面作攻擊, 對等級越高者您越感興趣.

    如果本身一知半解, 全憑個人偏狹的習慣認知, 率爾批評是不適當的.

    Source(s): *Infinito*
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  • 9 years ago

    Really bad choice of the adverb - "eventually" is normally used for the future events. That means, the recollection of the password has not but will be done in the future.

    I would say,

    Finally, you found/recalled/recollected your password...

    is better!

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