does he actually care.? 10 points?

okayy so i had a really good friend two years ago who i had a like megggaa crush on, and last year we dated and broke up and then in the spring we dated and broke up. and he asked me what i would say to him if he asked me out. also i sent him a forward that said

"you & me room:

a. makeout



4.all of the above

be 100% honest"

and he sent back a.

he broke my heart 2 times, and i am like crazy about him even after it all!!1 does he like me??? he also stayed up all night texting me a couple nights ago and told me he couldnt wait to see me at school!!! does this mean he likes me?? hes not a friendly person like that i know him really well and he doesnt joke around through texting and he isnt a flirt.



also, he was my best friend for a longgg time. he knows me and i know him. hes not a player, i was with him through everything, and hes not a flirt. he had good reasons to break up with me and i deserved it. so dont say "hes using you" because i know him and hes not a user. maybe a loser but not a user!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Some guys will do anything to get action. There's a chance that he could like you back but I don't suggest getting back together with him.

    Knowing most guys, he might just be taking advantage of the situation and he probably knows that you like him.

    You guys have also broken up twice and both times you've had your heart broken. What makes you think the third time will be any different?

    I'm really not trying to sound mean or anything, but you deserve better than a guy you've already given a second chance to.

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  • 9 years ago

    He might, I say this allot, but there is no rush in these types of things. I would talk with him, hang out with him, just get to know him in general, lead him on a bit (Gently, nothing huge, only to test the waters to see if he has interest. Such as suggesting "We should hang out soon" or "well if you miss me lets go do something!!!" ). After you guys have spent some time together and your personalities match up and you have feelings than by all means date!!! Though there is no need to rush things, friendship is always a good gateway to a good relationship.

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  • 9 years ago

    He sounds like a player and a flirt. Even if he doesn't act this way with every single girl, it doesn't mean he isn't one. If he really genuinely cared for you, he wouldn't have broken your heart the two times before. I know it's sometimes hard to get over guys like this, but honestly it sounds like he's only into you when it's easy for him or when he wants to be, regardless to how you may feel. and about the whole make out in your room thing, he's a horny teenage boy. He probably said that to a lot of girls. If it hasn't worked the two times before, I say give up. It doesn't sound like a fun relationship to be in if you keep breaking up, and it's probably not even worth it. I say go to school and start hanging out with/talking to new guys and start over fresh with someone who treats your better! You deserve to be happy! :)

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  • 9 years ago

    He is using you and he knows you will take him back every time so no he does not like you.

    Sorry its just the harsh truth :(

    Don't talk too him.

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  • 9 years ago

    no it looks like hes playing you and he broke your heart too many times he could break it again.

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  • 9 years ago

    either, but the fact is he knows you like him.

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