Why do some people of the LGBT community pick on bisexuals?


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^ example.

How is it possible that you go SO far to promote equality, but then you shut it down to a different 'category' of it?

Like, of all people, shouldn't they be the most understanding? For one, they know how difficult it is to not be understood, and then questioned because of who you are. & then they commit the same rude gestures to bisexuals?

I will never understand -___

I know this doesn't apply to everyone, but I actually know a lot of lesbians/gays/transgendered/etc people who bash on bisexuals. 'Pick a team!'

That is so stupid. They're a disgrace to their own community >__<

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    8 years ago
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    They're bigots plain and simple. They also don't understand how a man or woman, or trans person can be bisexual and be something other than gay/lesbian, or heterosexual.

    This isn't all people who are straight, gay, or lesbian as many people who are Hetero, gay or lesbian are not biphobic and do understand bisexuals and bisexuality even if they are not bisexual.

    Dan Savage the creator of the "It gets better" (unless you're bisexual or Trans) program is like this and he's been telling wrong information about bisexuals and trans people for decades and is open about how he's biphobic/transphobic yet people who worship him will say how he has done nothing wrong. *facepalm*

    There have been other people in the GLBT community like that fool Michael Musto and that hypocrite Andrew Sullivan who are very biphobic too.

    My bisexual female friends have told me how they've met a lot of lesbian women who are very biphobic.

    I've had pretty much nothing but support as being a bisexual man from gay men but I had some who thought I was straight which was very odd to me but they said that to me AFTER I told them how I didn't want to sleep with them. I have 2 friends who are bisexual men and in a relationship together and they've told me how they've gotten a lot of bigotry and hate from gay men and not from straight people at all.

    I get people who are ignorant who assume that since I'm a bisexual man I want to do everyone that I see when in reality I'm very picky who I have sex with and even more picky who I date/have a relationship with and I haven't had sex in awhile.

    The worst by far are the people who have a very ignorant 1980s viewpoint that if you're a bisexual man or woman that you'll give someone HIV and these are gay men and lesbians who should know better.

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    8 years ago

    Hey :)

    Just like some straight people, the lgbt community can be ignorant. I am a lesbian, and even if I don't understand another's sexual orientation, I respect it. I do know, however, that where I live, being bisexual was a fad for a while, and because of this some people have assumed that anyone who identifies as bisexual is only following the crowd or seeking attention, which is obviously NOT true!

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    8 years ago

    Tyra is a hypocrite and a bad example for anything. Okay. Done with that.

    I don't think the gay community is to blame for its inner family bigotry. It's just more complicated.

    Remember, at some point, the majority of other sexual persuaded people have been self loathing. The reason is because of social programming. I think it's always there even after reconciling one's orientation, it's just deflected in other ways or at other people. Frequently negatively.

    It's something that the LGBTQ community is going to have to own up to and deal with internally.

    Something I have decided is that humans always like a good witch hunt. Sometimes the witch looks, smells, or tastes different, but it's still fundamentally a witch hunt.

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    8 years ago

    I'm a gay guy, but I've heard all the lame remarks. "Choose a team", "Sex addicts, Greedy, ect", "doesn't exist", "they end up in a heterosexual relationship so why tell". Ignorance is an easy explanation but it can also be used as a defensive excuse, so I'm going to take the time to clear the ignorance here. First of all, Bisexual people are like being Gay or Straight. They are attracted to who they fall for, it's not a light switch. You can't switch from one attraction to the other, they aren't more likely to cheat then anyone who is gay or straight. People who think they are sex addicts I know several Bisexual people have had less sex then most Straight or Gay people.

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  • 8 years ago

    My answer is cliche, but I believe its true.

    love has no gender.

    and I like both males and females, but I dont call myself Bi, I just say "im in love." We as people need to stop putting ourselves in catagories, when we do that it makes it okay for others to segregate us and treat us as inferiors. At the end of the day, and god I sound like Oprah here, we are people, we bleed the same and everything. We should try think about how alike we are rather than focus on what seperates and alienates us.

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  • 8 years ago

    B/c some LGBT ppl are ignorant even though they've suffered too..trust me, we transsexuals get crap from some Gays, lesbians and even some bisexuals. Thy never learn! I accept everyone if you're nice to me..don't matter what you are!

  • 8 years ago

    I know bisexuals who aren't comfortable with/hate the label bisexual. It just makes them sound so mixed and they like everything simple in black and white, but that's not the way people are.

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    8 years ago

    i agree, its stupid to tell someone who identifies as bisexual to pick a team. i dont believe that one person must like either men or women.

    to go even farther i dont much like labels. i have always just liked who i liked. if you were to label me as most people woudl then you would say im a bi sexual transgendered man. but i prefer to consider myself pan sexual, which is someone who bases attraction by the person without regards to anything like gender. in the end i think we are all a lil pan sexual.

    i think some people who make fun of bisexual just wish they had the guts to like both instead of settling with just one

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    8 years ago

    Yea I'm not bi but that pisses me off. I've seen other gay people that totally makes me hate the community some times. I've seen them hate on bi people, or hate on other people saying that gay people have it worse. I'm gay and seeing people like that pisses me off, it's like they're total hypocrites. Bi people aren't the only ones who see it.

  • Because every group has its bullies. Im not a bully though, thats something to be happy about :)

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