Whats my chances of being pregnant?

I stopped birth control for a month n half. then started again for acne but had unprotected sex before I started when I think I might have been ovulating. i started BC like 3 weeks ago. my period is due in 4 days. my boobs have been hurting a little bit. I'm Moody and can't stop eating. usually I don't have symptoms when I start my period. I've taken test with morning urine. today I took one and before the ten minutes I are the second line but I looks like evaporation line since I don't see color.its extremely faint n then disappeared. I took 2 more they all did the same thing. all first response

I have two children and have had a miscarriage and all 3 times have gotten positive tests a week before period is due. also I've have sex n its painful last week after fir two days after sex when I wiped had pink blood. I figured it was from painful sex which has been painful for week n only those two days that happened. didn't know if it was implantation bleeding or from sex which has never happened before.

what do you think of all this? happen to you? shat was your experience?

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    8 years ago
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    PLEASE READ, I read what you wrote on someone elses question. Please tell me how your water broke! I'm soo worried about having my son early. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and scared. I'm not having mucus plug discharge but I'm just asking so I can prevent that from happening to me. The docs must have told you why that happ?? I'm so sorry for your loss I'm sure he's an angel in the sky :)

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