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why is he doing this to me?

This was while i was in school. I dated this guy for like 2 months. Well after we broke up he was fighting with my friend and i told him that he wasn't being very nice. So he started to call me a slut and a whore. About 2months after that he started up with my friends and i asked him nicely to stop so he called my mom a whore(my mom died when i was 7 and he knew that). So i dumped choclate milk all over him and got AEP for 5 days and he got nothing but he got yelled at by alot of teachers. And now his is like harassing me and wont stop txting and calling and leavng voice mails on my phone. What sould i do? I thought about calling the police? If i called the police would that be good or bad?

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    Call the police. What he's doing isn't right and you need to get someone else involved.

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  • Maybe you should tell a teacher about this, then they can decide whats best. The police won't help they'll just tell you to go to your teacher about it. He sounds pretty creepy and toxic so I'd suggest ignoring him and asking a teacher what they think is best. Maybe they can organize either a punishment or a way of stopping him and finding out why hes doing this.

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    Not sure why, but you should tell your teacher about this. There, he can tell and ask your "guy" about the situation

    Good luck!

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