Rate the following "classic" movies out of 100?

With 100 being completely perfect, flawless, timeless,masterpiece, fresh, and nothing like it at the time it was released in. I asked this so people would 'break down' the following 'classic' movies. I'm not saying that these movies are bad, some of them are the greatest films of all time, I'm just curious that when you consider the technical side of it, people would still give it such a high rating. If you think it deserves a 100/100, just give it to it.


-Raging Bull

-The Godfather

-Shawshank Redemption

-Schindler's List

-Blade Runner

-Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

-A Clockwork Orange

-Fight Club

-Die Hard

-The Pianist


-Pulp Fiction


-The Departed

-The Dark Knight

-Saving Private Ryan


BQ: What's a movie that you dislike, but would still give it a high rating?

BBQ (yum): Top 5 movies on this list?


Yes Inception is a classic.

Update 2:

Well, Inception was one of the best films of 2010 and in a long time as well, it is by far the best science fiction movie of the 21st century of all time (that's if you include it in the definition.... and c'mon, you know it doesn't deserve to be put in the same sentence as Step Brothers. Now Step Brothers, that is a really joke of a movie.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Inception: 99/100

    I love this film and regard it as Christopher Nolan’s best. It’s already in my top 10 movies of all time. I withheld the one point only because of the presence on this list of one other I deem greatest of all.

    Raging Bull: 85/100

    A great film, likely the best sports movie, but neither Robert Di Nero’s best (despite the make-up Oscar) nor Martin Scorsese’s.

    The Godfather: 90/100

    The mother of all mafia movies, it was actually surpassed by its sequel. It still stands the test of time.

    Shawshank Redemption: 75/100

    Easily the most overrated film on IMDb’s top 250 list by virtue of the fact it is ranked #1. I’m sorry but to call this the greatest film ever made is patently absurd. It’s not even close.

    Schindler's List: 90/100

    An excellent but difficult film to watch because of its sheer (but necessary in telling the truth) brutality, this is Steven Spielberg’s most important film.

    Blade Runner: 100/100

    By far the greatest science fiction film ever made, I rate Blade Runner as my all-time favourite movie. This is the template for all sci-films to aspire to. None can touch it.

    Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back: 88/100

    Definitely the best of the Star Wars movie saga, it suffers in the acting department -- and the dialogue could’ve been written by middle school kids.

    A Clockwork Orange: 25/100

    My least favourite film by one of my very favourite directors, this movie is just too damned disturbing. The sadistic and (deeply) misogynistic elements are utterly repellant.

    Fight Club: 33/100

    I consider this THE most overrated movie of all time. The fanboy obsession with this tripe is almost laughable. Nothing in the film is realistic and, in the end, it all turns out to be fake. Complete waste of time.

    Die Hard: 20/100

    I’m being generous giving this rubbish a 20 out of 100, but that 20 rating is entirely due to Alan Rickman’s brilliantly hilarious performance as the villainous Hans Gruber.

    The Pianist: 80/100

    A good movie but not great. Adrien Brody’s high water mark as an actor.

    Gladiator: 92/100

    Ridley Scott doing what he does best: creating a world populated by people with all kinds of human frailties and dark motivations. Visually spectacular.

    Pulp Fiction: 90/100

    Considered Quentin Tarantino’s best film, I actually rate Reservoir Dogs and Inglourious Basterds higher.

    Scarface: 70/100

    Over-the-top violence and absurd dialogue do not a great film make. Al Pacino is great, as usual, but this movie is vastly overrated.

    The Departed: 97/100

    Martin Scorsese finally won his long overdue Oscar for this one and he deserved it. A brilliant story and script with a superb cast guided by one of the greatest living directors makes for one of my very favourite films.

    The Dark Knight: 92/100

    I’m proud to be in the minority on this but I actually prefer Batman Begins. Still, a Christopher Nolan movie trumps just about any other movie. In Heath Ledger we lost one of the best actors of this or any generation.

    Saving Private Ryan: 92/100

    The best modern “war movie” and probably Steven Spielberg’s best film, period. Unlike my all-time favourites, this film actually suffers upon repeat viewings.

    Heat: 90/100

    An excellent crime film by the underrated Michael Mann. It’s a pity that Di Nero and Pacino only really share one scene (with dialogue) in the entire film.

    BQ: What's a movie that you dislike, but would still give a high rating?

    I was going to say A Clockwork Orange because of my respect for Kubrick but as you see above I couldn’t bring myself to do so. I think Goodfellas might qualify. Unlike most people I know, I didn’t care for the movie but out of respect for Scorsese, Di Nero, et al, I’d probably rate it fairly high.

    BBQ (yum): Top 5 movies on this list?

    1. Blade Runner

    2. Inception

    3. The Departed

    4. Gladiator

    5. The Dark Knight

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -Inception- 80/100

    -Raging Bull- 45/100

    -The Godfather- 70/100

    -Shawshank Redemption- 100/100

    -Schindler's List- 95/100

    -Blade Runner- 75/100

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back- 1/100

    -A Clockwork Orange- 30/100

    -Fight Club- 85/100

    -Die Hard- 70/100

    -The Pianist- 95/100

    -Gladiator- 100/100

    -Pulp Fiction- 40/100

    -Scarface- 60/100

    -The Departed- 80/100

    -The Dark Knight- 90/100

    -Saving Private Ryan- 100/100

    -Heat- 50/100

    Source(s): my good taste :P
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  • 9 years ago

    Inception - 88

    -Raging Bull - 96

    -The Godfather - 90

    -Shawshank Redemption

    -Schindler's List

    -Blade Runner

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

    -A Clockwork Orange

    -Fight Club 85

    -Die Hard 90

    -The Pianist


    -Pulp Fiction 97


    -The Departed 90

    -The Dark Knight 95

    -Saving Private Ryan

    -Heat 85

    BQ: Goodfellas...I don't like it but I know it's good. I just can't sit through it.


    Pulp Fiction

    Raging Bull

    Fight Club

    Die Hard

    The Dark Knight

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  • Logan
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Inception 99

    Raging Bull 100

    The Godfather 100

    Shawshank Redemption 98

    Schindler's List 98

    Blade Runner 100

    Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 99

    A Clockwork Orange pass

    Fight Club 98

    Die Hard 100

    The Pianist 97

    Gladiator 85

    Pulp Fiction 98

    Scarface 97

    The Departed 100

    The Dark Knight 99

    Saving Private Ryan 99

    Heat 98


    BBQ The Departed


    Blade Runner

    Raging Bull

    The Godfather

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  • 9 years ago

    -Inception 92/100 (because the writing and filming of that movie must have been the most difficult task in the world and it still came out really flipping cool and understandable. -8 because you have to pay soooo much attention to it to get it)

    -Raging Bull 85/100

    -The Godfather 90/100

    -Shawshank Redemption 95/100

    -Schindler's List 93/100

    -Blade Runner 85/100

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 96/100

    -A Clockwork Orange 89/100

    -Fight Club 96/100

    -Die Hard 96/100

    -The Pianist 94/100 (beautiful movie)

    -Gladiator 84/100

    -Pulp Fiction 95/100

    -Scarface 85/100

    -The Departed 93/100

    -The Dark Knight 80/100

    -Saving Private Ryan 93/100

    -Heat 90/100

    BQ: Citizen Kane (it was brilliant for its technical advances and new styles but I was miserable watching this in my film classes... yep had to see it more than once)

    BBQ: Haha, not I want some too :)

    1. Fight Club

    2. Die Hard

    3. Pulp Fiction

    4. Shawshank Redemption

    5. The Departed

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -Inception 99

    -Raging Bull 100

    -The Godfather 100

    -Shawshank Redemption 100

    -Schindler's List 99

    -Blade Runner 95

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 99.5

    -A Clockwork Orange 90

    -Fight Club 95

    -Die Hard 80

    -The Pianist Haven't seen it

    -Gladiator 80

    -Pulp Fiction 99

    -Scarface 99

    -The Departed 99

    -The Dark Knight 90

    -Saving Private Ryan 95

    -Heat 95

    BQ: the Dark Knight

    BQ The Godfather

    Shawshank Redemption


    Schindler's List


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -Inception not seen yet

    -Raging Bull 80

    -The Godfather 87

    -Shawshank Redemption 63

    -Schindler's List 40

    -Blade Runner 69

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 45

    -A Clockwork Orange 35

    -Fight Club 66

    -Die Hard 85

    -The Pianist 90

    -Gladiator 88

    -Pulp Fiction 92

    -Scarface 95

    -The Departed 90

    -The Dark Knight not seen yet

    -Saving Private Ryan 70

    -Heat 65

    BQ The matrix

    BBQ Departed


    pulp fiction


    The pianist

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  • 4 years ago

    Classic Movies

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Inception 85% very flawed script.Raging bull 90% inaccurate story.The Godfather 85% boring start like the deer hunter.Shawshank 90% not as good as book.Schindler's list 90% not as good as the pianist.Blade Runner 85% too arty farty.Starwars esb 85% more notable for the mechanical walkers.A clockwork orange 75% awful film but great insight into how things were going to turn out in the future.Fight club 80% unconvincing acting.Die hard 90% Rickman steals show.The Pianist 95% classic even if it is hard to watch multiple times.Gladiator 90% Remake of a bad B movie.Pulp fiction 88% bad editing as is the case with most of his films.Scarface 90% A warning not heeded.The departed 85% A preemptive strike to stop the making of a Joseph Barboza or whitey Bulger film.The Dark knight 90% let down by a wooden batman.Saving Private Ryan 85% bettered by band of brothers.Heat 85% boring until shootout at bank.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    -Inception 90

    -Raging Bull havent seen it

    -The Godfather 96

    -Shawshank Redemption 85

    -Schindler's List havent seen it

    -Blade Runner 98

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back 92

    -A Clockwork Orange 96

    -Fight Club 99

    -Die Hard 82

    -The Pianist have not seen

    -Gladiator 80

    -Pulp Fiction 96

    -Scarface i bought it yesterday havent seen it

    -The Departed 87

    -The Dark Knight 98

    -Saving Private Ryan Hevent seen it .....yet

    -Heat 77

    BQ: A seriuous Man for example


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  • Donny
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Inception is a classic? LMFAO

    -Inception- 85

    -Raging Bull- 100

    -The Godfather- 100

    -Shawshank Redemption- 86

    -Schindler's List- 83

    -Blade Runner- 89

    -Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back- 75

    -A Clockwork Orange- 88

    -Fight Club- 99

    -Die Hard- 74

    -The Pianist- 87

    -Gladiator- 95

    -Pulp Fiction- 100

    -Scarface- 90

    -The Departed- 100

    -The Dark Knight- 93

    -Saving Private Ryan- 82

    -Heat- 90

    BQ- i'm not the hugest fan of Kill Bill, but in terms of quality it is a very good film


    Raging Bull

    The Godfather

    The Departed

    Pulp Fiction

    Fight Club

    all of those are in my top 10

    if Inception is a classic, so is Step Brothers. really, do you know what classic means? or are you just joking around?

    i wasn't saying it is similar in quality to Step Brothers, I was saying that people who know nothing about movies would call Step Brothers a classic, and the same thing goes for Inception.

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