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Why wont anti illegals admit this??? All of your "facts" come from these 3 places?

The John Tanton Network and the Anti-Immigrant Movement in America

"One man is at the heart of the most influential network of anti-immigrant groups in the country.

This man, John H. Tanton, has created an empire of organizations populated by lobbyists, lawyers, legislators, and “experts” that have permeated the very depths of America’s social and political debate on immigration.

What appears to the public as myriad separate voices all advocating for one cause, i.e. severe immigration enforcement, is nothing more than a facade, a collection of craftily constructed front groups, faux-”coalitions,” and spin-offs that are collectively unified in their goal to overwhelm any reasonable debate on immigration with their branded worldview of bigotry.

This collective is known as the John Tanton Network.

Tanton founded the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Network’s rhetorical compass, 30 years ago, and shortly thereafter U.S. Inc. These two groups jointly fund and support most of America’s contemporary national anti-immigrant groups.

Groups like the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), also founded by Tanton, which serves as a quasi think tank to the anti-immigrant movement. Groups like the Coalition for the Future American Worker, which pretends to be the voice of American workers. And groups like Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), NumbersUSA, Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI), and United to Secure America Coalition are just a few of the more innocuous sounding groups umbrellaed under the Tanton Network.

The sheer number of them is dizzying. Their names are meant to deceive. But their names are hardly the most sinister aspect of Tanton’s Network. Respected civil rights groups — including the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League — have uncovered a vast amount of troubling associations with racists, white supremacists, political extremists, and die-hard fringe right-wingers. Only one example is the Pioneer Fund, a foundation committed to funding groups interested in furthering the study of “eugenics.” Practitioners of this false bio-science claim that whites are genetically superior to all other races and ethnicities.

The Pioneer Fund provided John Tanton with early funding in the sum of 1.2 million dollars.

Within the civil rights community, the Tanton Network’s ties to white supremacists, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) and the VDARE Foundation among them, only serve to heighten growing unease about their aims.

The Center for New Community is distributing a map detailing the true nature of their intricate relationships. This map shows that behind the boring, “safe” names and complicated connections, the truth is much simpler.

The John Tanton Network is a single social-political bloc with a single clear message: immigrants get out.


Kize you are a liar, just as you lied about deleting my answer when I called you a whiny baby. I have personally witnessed you use these sites

Update 2:

Kize re read ur answer if ur gonna lie the least you could do is delete the incriminating evidence in urpost

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    How did you come to this conclusion ?Do you think newspapers across the world obtain "facts" from these 3 places?

    According to you one of these 3 places wrote this story and in your opinion this really never happened and the story was planted by one of said 3 places. LAREDO, TX .- Edgar Acevedo , a native of Barrio Villalobos in Guatemala, was placed under arrest after an investigation by members of the FBI because it involved an attack on a federal agent.

    According to the report of the case , two agents were on surveillance on northwest of Laredo, in the area of ​​Rancho La Mesa, near the Colombia Bridge Road in the area of ​​Mines road.

    The officers saw signs of at least 12 people in the bush and began to follow them. Later they located several illegal aliens, but ran and the officers decided to follow them . Agent Eduardo Zamora confronted three of the undocumented and one of them resisted arrest , giving him several blows to the officer, who finally managed to submit him, but needed the help of other colleagues.

    Zamora received a punch in the face and other minor bumps , scrapes in the struggle.

    So fair now owns the The Laredo Sun you say ?

    According to you fair now owns THE ASSOCIATED PRESS and planted yet another story.TUCSON, Ariz. — Border agents have arrested three illegal immigrants with serious criminal histories after finding them walking in the Arizona desert.

    The Border Patrol said Tuesday that Casa Grande agents patrolling near Three Points, 25 miles southwest of Tucson, found two of the men around 2:45 p.m. Monday.

    One of them, a 31-year-old from Tamaulipas (tom-ow-LEE'-pahs) in northeastern Mexico, was convicted of first-degree sodomy and sexual abuse in Fayette County, Ky. last year and served under a year in prison.

    The other man, a 39-year-old from Tamaulipas, was arrested in October in Baton Rouge, La. on an attempted second-degree murder charge that was dropped because prosecutors later couldn't find the victim.

    Also Monday, a 25-year-old man from Agua Prieta in the northern Mexican state of Sonora was found about a mile north of the border near Douglas.

    He had served about six years in prison after the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office arrested him in 2003 for unlawful use of means of transportation.

    All three men were re-arrested on charges of illegal entry or re-entry into the U.S.

    Ana Hernandez arrested

    According to fair now owns, (KRQE)ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) - An Albuquerque woman accused of helping foreign nationals illegally get driver's licenses was arrested by New Mexico State Police Tuesday morning.

    Ana Hernandez, 45, was charged last Thursday with 324 counts of forgery, conspiracy and perjury. Investigators say she was a notary who used her position to help 39 foreign nationals get driver's licenses in exchange for money.

    She could face more than 100 years in prison if convicted on all counts.

    In May, Hernandez was one of eight people arrested on suspicion of operating of a heroin ring. Investigators believe all the money made in the ring was going through Hernandez. All eight suspects, with the exception of Hernandez , are illegal immigrants.

    Gov. Susana Martinez revoked Hernandez's notary authority following the woman's arrest in May.

    In fact Gov. Susana Martinez must be getting all her information from the same 3 sites.

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    I know when it comes to the DREAM Act that anti-illegals will only go by information that proves their point no matter how many times the position has been disputed. Just as their is always an argument for something, there will always be a counter argument. That is why the DREAM Act issue will never go away until both sides can come up with some compromise that they can live with.

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    No, I look at statistics and other sites such as the Save our states and mothers against illegal aliens. Also I see first hand what is happening. I am not blind. I do not believe that Tanton has anything to do with the cost when they are coming directly from Welfare or from the cost in our schools or the health awareness bulletins. I also read the daily newspaper which every day has at least one article of another illegal caught committing another crime. I do not get my source from just one place. And I do not use such racially motivated sources such as la raza or the source of a child molester such as morris dees and the splc either.

    First off, I never said I did not use these sites, read again. And they are not my only sources. And I did not delete your answer because I don't even know which question your talking about. If I believed these were racist sites, iI would not use them considering my heritage and many of my relatives. Only lies around here are coming from the pro- crowd.

    you re-read -

    "I do not get my source from just one place"

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    I never heard of these sites.All I have to go on is what I personally see in the ER that I work at and know for a fact that illegals don't pay their bills and that if they do have insurance its always medicaid for the illegal mother.After the child is born they Always get all the welfare know to man.So those are the fact and I think just because we have a different opinion the you do that you shouldn't be calling people liars.As you tell untruths too, just like right now.

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    I am not anti-immigrant. Only anti-illegal. If a Mexican can come here legally (from the beginning, not amnestied in), then I have just as much respect for him as any immigrant.

    One of the greatest disservices the illegal apologists have done is to tie illegals with immigrants. This is making it difficult for all legal hispanic immigrants.

    Illegals are NOT immigrants. Immigrants are those whom we, as US citizens, allow to live amonst us with an aim toward future citizenship.

    Illegals are denying us, the American Public, the right to decide who gets to live amongst us. Illegals are a slap in the face of ALL Americans.

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    Generally speaking, the anti crowd will use any site that puts the worse spin on the issue. They will use these sites to back their own personal point of view, then turn around and deny they do in your question. It is kind of sad. If you (not you personally) are going to use a site as a source, then please have the back bone to admit you do when you are called on it.

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    Most Americans wan illegals deported and don't want an amnesty or dream act. That's why it keeps getting defeated. We don't want them here!

    Illegal is illegal and case closed.

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    All I know is that open borders is havoc for any country. Look at the European union, they are fed up with people coming into their country and not becoming permanent/law abiding citizens.

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    i actually live in a state with a high number of illegals, and actually live with the problem.

    i don't need anyone to tell me about it.

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    Your full of poop, little girl, you would have to be blind or stupid not to see the truth about this illegal invasion of the US. which one are you?

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