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What is the difference between sociology, anthropology and archeology?

What is the difference between sociology, anthropology and archeology? What type of careers do these degrees lead to? Do people usually have to get a phd or masters if they pursue these fields?

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    In addition to the other good answers ... in the English-speaking world, there is a different emphasis in Anthropology, as defined in the USA and in the Commonwealth countries.

    The American interpretation of Anthropology tends to be more eclectic; and includes prehistory, archaeology, and biological and ecological factors in explaining human society.

    In the British and Commonwealth traditions, these factors are not discounted by any means but are given somewhat less emphasis. The primary focus of Anthropology is human society and social relations - with commensurate attention to economics, politics and history as determining factors and objects of study.

    Neither approach is right or wrong. They developed that way for complex and interesting reasons in the history of the discipline. But the upshot - in the US, there is more cross-over between anthropology, prehistory and archaeology. In some Commonwealth departments, Anthropology is almost indistinguishable from Sociology.

    Sociology, Anthropology and Archaeology are all fascinating fields, which can give you insights into teh very essence of human existence. Whichever one you choose, a rewarding career is possible.

    Source(s): studied anthropology at a Commonwealth university
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    If you plan to study any of these then you had better plan to read a lot. I have left links to Wikipedia for overall descriptions of the subjects of interest: sociology, anthropology and archeology. If you are not willing to read that much to find out, college is not for you because you will have a lot of required reading in college! School is supposed to supply you with the opportunity to gain knowledge, some basic academic skills, and critical thinking; a career, maybe.

    The degree vs. salary curve applies almost exclusively to academic environments and government work. No degrees lead to a career; some careers require a degree as far as employers are concerned. There exists in some academic and government bureaucracies the belief that the higher the degree one has, and the more exclusive or prestigious university it came from, the more status and authority one deserves, as well as a higher salary. That is driven by the propensity for a bureaucracy to perpetuate itself, not practical or rational factors.

    The reader does not know what your circumstances are or why you would choose any of these fields. Also the reader does not know what your resources are or if you wrote your question because you were looking for fill for a commercial blog or actually have interest in learning more.

    No degree in social science leads to insight and knowledge unless you plan to study and reason a lot while you are pursuing the degree. You are likely to acquire a bit of knowledge just from doing the absolute minimum amount of study to pass tests.

    If you want to read about career opportunities, search for a college site that offers instruction in any of these subjects. They will have brochures or information online from their career center to guide you in hopes of acquiring more paying customers.

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  • Devi
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    Sociology - The study of society, or groups of humans.

    Anthropology - The study of humans and our primate ancestors. In all aspects (physical, cultural, linguistics, archaeology). Everything from human evolution, fossil record, skeletal biology, cultures, how language developed, non-human primate behavior, biology, and evolution, to ancient artifacts.

    Archaeology - The study of human artifacts (it's a sub-field of Anthropology). Artifacts are objects that humans have created or used in some way (like using animal bones as tools, etc). It's not about finding fossils or bones, those are paleontologists.

    Source(s): I'm an Anthropology major. + have taken classes in all of this.
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  • 9 years ago

    hi! anthropology is more about understanding certain tribe or a group of people's culture, languages and life whereas archaeology is about learning it from dead sources such as human n animals' bones, artifacts n etc. as for sociology i dont really know about it but i guess its more about today people social acts towards differences situation; races, religions etc.? as for careers, there will be jobs but it will be limited n i do know a professor who had already finishing his phd, so i think yeah..

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    The difference is that hardly anybody who studies this stuff ever makes any money with it. Oh - but that's not a difference, is it?

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