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aklatnihS asked in SportsBaseball · 9 years ago

Best All Lefty Divisional Lineup?

Here are the rules, you can use one division (AL East, NL West etc) you can choose the division, but you have to make a starting line up using all lefties in the division (hitting and pitching).


If you must, switch hitters are okay, but only consider them from the left side (their numbers when hitting on the left side against rightys.)

Update 2:

My Example:

AL East

C: Matt Weiters (switch)

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

2B: Robinson Cano

3B: Mark Teixeira (switch, played 15 games at 3B in Texas)

SS: Ben Zobrist (switch, has played SS)

OF: Curtis Granderson

OF: Jacoby Ellsbury

OF: Carl Crawford

SP: CC Sabathia

SP: David Price

SP: John Lester

SP: Ricky Romero

SP: Erik Bedard

CL: Brett Cecil (college closer)

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  • 9 years ago
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    Here are my teams just using lefty hitters.

    AL East, Central, West

    C: John Jaso, Joe Mauer, *Josh Bard

    1B: Adrian Gonzalez, Eric Hosmer, Mitch Moreland

    2B: Robinson Cano, Jason Kipnis, Dustin Ackley

    SS: Blake Davis, *Asdrubal Cabrerra, Eric Sogard

    3B: Eric Chavez, Lonnie Chisenhall, Kyle Seager

    LF: Bret Gardner, Alex Gordon, Josh Hamilton

    CF: Jacoby Ellsbury, Denard Spann, Endy Chavez

    RF: Nick Markakis, Jason Kubel, Ichiro

    SP: C.C. Sabathia, Mark Buerhle, C.J. Wilson

    CL: Mike Gonzalez, Chris Sale, Brian Fuentes

    NL East, Central, West

    C: Brian McCann, George Kottares, Miguel Montero

    1B: Freddie Freeman, Prince Fielder, Todd Helton

    2B: Chase Utley, Skip Schumaker, Kelly Johnson

    SS: Alex Cora, Craig Counsell, Stephen Drew

    3B: Greg Dobbs, Danield Descalso, Ian Stewart

    LF: Logan Morrison, Alex Presley, Carlos Gonzalez

    CF: Michael Bourn, Nyjer Morgan, Will Venable

    RF: Jason Heyward, Jay Bruce, Andre Eithier

    SP: Cole Hamels, Jaime Garcia, Clayton Kershaw

    CL: Jonny Venters, Sean Marshall, Jeremy Affledt

    *I used a switch hitter because no lefty hitters played the position in the divsion

    There's not a lot of good lefty hitting second basemen and shortstops.

    edit: Whoops, just read the rules to only pick one division. I guess I'll go with the NL East barely over the AL East mainly because of Brian McCann and Jonny Venters.

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  • 9 years ago

    AL East

    CF.Jacoby Ellsbury

    2B. Robinson Cano

    1BAdrian Gonzalez

    RF.Curtis Granderson

    DH.David Ortiz

    LF.Carl Crawford

    3B.Travis Snider

    SS.Reid Brignac

    C.Jon Jaso

    SP. C.C. Sabbathia

    SP. Jon Lester

    SP. David Price

    SP.Ricky Romero

    SP. Eric Bedard

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  • Chaos
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    NL East... this is going to be tough, but fun

    Only Lefties:

    1: OF: Michael Bourn

    2: 2B: Chase Utley

    3: C: Brian McCann

    4: 1B: Ryan Howard

    5: OF: Freddie Freeman (he plays 1st, but can play OF)

    6: OF: Jason Heyward

    7: SS: Domonic Brown (I know he's not a SS, but I'll give it a try)

    8: 3B: Raul Ibanez (I know he's not a 3B, but I'll give it a try)

    9: Johan Santana (since it's the NL)

    Switch hitters allowed:

    1: SS: Jose Reyes - .343 average when batting from the left side

    2: OF: Michael Bourn

    3: C: Brian McCann

    4: 1B: Ryan Howard

    5: 2B: Chase Utley

    6: OF: Freddie Freeman

    7: OF: Shane Victorino - .294 average when batting from the left side

    8: Johan Santana (since it's the NL)

    9: 3B: Emilio Bonifacio (to get a dynamic 9-1-2 speed duo)

    Starting Rotation:

    1: Johan Santana

    2: Cliff Lee

    3: Cole Hamels

    4: Josh Johnson

    5: Jonathon Niese


    1: Eric O'Flaherty

    2: Mike Dunn

    3. Ryan Madson

    Closer: Jonny Venters

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  • 9 years ago

    josh johnsons a righty

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