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How much does it cost to build a cheap indoor arena?

We are looking to move our horses to our house but we need somewhere to ride in when it rains or snows. what is the cheapest, smallest arena that we could build and how much approx would it be. thanks!

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    I just priced a 42'x100 for $12,000 for materials. Thats fully enclosed, not just covered. Kinda narrow for me, but Im told the price is significantly more for clear spans over 42'

    I got a price of $99,000 installed for a 80x160

    BTW these prices are just for the buildings, not footing or permits or anything. It does include the electrical though.

  • 8 years ago

    Depends on what your talking about. Outdoor or indoor arena? Covered or fully enclosed?

    Even if you were just doing an outdoor arena, you would still need to have the proper "footing" for the arena.

    But your easily talking more than $7000.

    Hope I helped :)

  • 8 years ago

    Building any sort of sand school is not cheap. You need planning permission too - you can't just go ahead and get it done.

    If I were building a sand school, I'd get a company specialising in equestrian surfaces to do it.

  • zakiit
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    8 years ago

    First you would need to apply for planning permission from your local government authorities. Then you would need to work out how big it should be, and then google every indoor school builder and compare prices.

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