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How did Peter Facinelli get into Tisch?

He says in various interviews that he never did acting at all before college even though he wanted to because of his parents pressuring him to do other things, and that when he first started he was the worst actor. I'm kind of in the same boat. I've taken one class at my local community theater and they said I had some hidden talent shining through if I'd stop being so shy .I start college soon at UCF and was planning on transferring after my first or second year.

I want to know how he managed to get through the Tisch audition with no acting experience and being a bad actor. Do they take into account things besides previous experience and natural talent?

I had a 3.78 GPA.

My SAT was

640 Reading

580 Math

610 Writing

My ACT was a composite score of 26.

My work ethic is something I pride myself on. I'm a perfectionist and when I'm passionate about something I have one gear, and that's go.

I've never understood how anyone can give up on their dreams, that's like giving up on life for me. I don't have many committed relationships to distract me either.


He said flat out that he was a terrible actor when he transferred to Tisch and that he's the poster child for "Acting is something you can learn." He said he wasn't natural at all and if it weren't for Tisch he wouldn't have a job.

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    Hi Jim,

    While nobody other than someone who was on the panel can answer your question for sure, most LIKELY they saw loads of natural talent in him.

    People like to tell you you need eons of training and experience to become a successful actor, and while that may be true in most cases, I have seen too much education and schooling be a deterrent in some peoples ability to express. It stifles their natural instinct, because they are so concerned with doing it "right". Performing the technique properly, instead of being in the scene.

    While nobody can tell you how things will go, sure fire ways to go about it, or "tricks" - Peter probably flat out wowed teh panel with his innate ability. It happens. And it's not as rare as people say.

    While your other qualities won't really mean much to any auditioner at first, it certainly may come into play after they have already worked with you - it's always good to have a good work ethic. Actors who don't, don't work very often. Many times, many directors, will cast someone dependable (who they've worked with before, so they know) rather than somebody who is crazy talented, but a flake.

    Panels take into consideration yes, previous experience, and yes, of course, natural talent.

    The best way to be prepared, is to arm yourself with experience, instruction, and confidence.

    Best of luck with you path.

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