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Need advice on how to deal with computer restrictions in collage.?

I'm going to collage in about a week and need some advice. I'm going for Computer Science/Computer Engineering and I'm a programmer now and kind of a computer geek. My problem is that the school's network has rules that say that a student can't use programs like bittorrent or utorrent and you also can't use any local servers like a server on there network. Both of these rules are a problem for me. I use bittorrent to download pretty much everything like the Linux distros I use and the software that I use. I don't store any of my data on my computer and use a external hard drive to store my data right now but I wanted to setup a server to store my data because I need more space plus I would like to be able to access it from anywhere. My plan was to turn my old machine into a Linux server but I'm not sure what type of server to setup.

My requirements are:

1. I need to be able to store my data on it and have read and write access to my data. I was thinking ftp but I'm not sure if there is a better way of doing it.

2. I need to be able control the server from anywhere like starting the other servers and having admin rights. Also I need to be able to login from anywhere just in case the server restarts or shuts down. I was thinking ssh but again not sure if there is a better way.

3. I need to be able to download torrent files on it. Not sure how to do this but I know it can be done.

Currently the computer has Arch Linux on it but I heard of FreeNAS before. Does anyone one know what I can do to solve my problem?


What are you talking about? I'm using my own computer at my home not the schools network. Why shouldn't I be allowed to store my data the way I want to. Its pretty common for people to have files servers to store their data.

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    10 years ago
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    Your problem is that you want to circumvent the schools rules

    Do you think this is a wise move?

    Suppose you achieve everything you want what then?

    You say you are going for computer science/engineering

    Do you think the school does not have network management software monitoring all thats happening on its network?

    Do you think the school's network manager will not notice what you are doing?

    What do you think will happen when he/she does?

    You think they will just ignore it?

    For a student to blatantly disregard all school rules I would say there would be only one possible outcome, and that will come a lot sooner than you think

    You dont NEED any of the things you have listed, you just WANT them in order to do your own thing. To risk the almost certainty of being thrown out just because you want to do your own thing is the height of stupidity

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    4 years ago

    Get an place of abode off campus. heavily, the faculty will pay a fortune to their pc protection team. something you could think of of, somebody else has already tried and failed. in case you attempt to apply torrents on campus, you will face disciplinary action or expulsion. in case you have a chew of utility which you incredibly choose for college and that is basically available by bittorrent, consult with the IT team - they are able to in all probability acquire it for you or enable the professor understand that he or she desires to require some thing else for the class. As for the different themes, you will might desire to envision the college's handbook for counsel on precisely what makes use of are allowed on the campus community and what protocols and ports are open and are blocked and what the consequences are. The college I used to artwork at have been given so uninterested in dealing with crap from pupils and the proceedings from the RIAA they had a nil tolerance coverage - one warning, one disciplinary listening to, then expulsion on the third offense. it is going to likely be extra trouble-free in case you basically get an off-campus place of abode.

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