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is this a fair trade in nfl fantasy football?

ok so this is my team

QB:Josh freeman

RBS:L blount. Ray rice

WR:Dwayne bowe and Calvin Johnson

W/R:Shone Greene or Cedric Benson

And some guy wants to trade me Michael turner or MJD(whichever i want)for Dwayne bowe?

He has no WR but my bench would then make me start mike williams(TB) or Johny knox to starT?should i do it.....but im thinking i would give him Dwayne bowe and Ronnie brown for MJD and Mike Thomas?

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    If he is giving you MJD for Dwayne Bowe straight up you take that for sure. MJD is a stud WR and would make a great RB core. You could start Blount at W/R and have Williams and CJ at WR. Your team would be very good then. If he isn't sure about giving u MJD straight up, just throw in Benson- because you won't need him.

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    Do it! Your Rb position is weak with BLount! RB's give you the most points so it will really help your team. Williams and KNox aren't that bad. THey will get you a descent amount of points every time. Do the trade and take MJD!

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    I never get questions like this. You did an incredible job drafting -- why would you mess it up? Trading just for trade sake never makes sense. The only player you mentioned that I don't think is worth anything is Knox. Just offer Knox up (he's overvalued right now) and see what he'll give you. Otherwise, leave your team alone and enjoy your good draft.

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    This commerce is rather lopsided, yet i think of it works on your want. i think of Turner's numbers would be down this year, usually because of the fact of a extra durable schedule. additionally i do no longer in straight forward terms like the belief of having 2 gamers from a similar NFL team. it particularly is too risky for while the gang struggles, and of course the bye week state of affairs. As others have stated, Brees could have a great season. And as long as Westbrook remains healthful, he will submit respectable numbers besides. So all issues seen, i could decide for it.

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  • sean
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    9 years ago

    yeah u have megatron and i odnt like bowe as much thius year

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    dont trade...

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