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My harddrive space keeps changing?

Some days it will be 415 GB free then the next day it will be 416 then then 417 then 416 why is it doing this? i scaned for a virus


i use c cleaner every few days

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    If it C drive or the drive in which you've installed you OS, that is changing. Those flutuations are because of your internet usage, it's cache. That's normal, and for cleaning up, you can use the software CCleaner. If you're talking about other drives, it could be various reasons.

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    probable device fix being extra and bumped off via device is one element that would desire to be going on. in case you have a great volume of fix factors the OS will eliminate previous ones to make rome for brand spanking new ones. i think of it rather is rather worth checking. you ought to use freshen as much as eliminate all yet final fix element in case you choose on. '

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