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What do I need to change my carb to efi?

I have a 1979 chevy el camino and I Wanted to convert to efi? How and wat needs to be changed. All advise is welcome I'll price up things later. Thanks!

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    First, you must ask yourself what kind you want. Here is a list to help you narrow your search for EFI.

    Depending on the type that you want, you will have to change the fuel lines and fittings, the fuel pump and fuel regulator. You will have to weld a bung hole on to your exhaust for the O2 sensor which is connected to the computer. You will also have to change the intake manifold and otain fuel rails for the more advanced type of F.I. The hardest part is the wiring harness that connects the whole shooting match together. You will also have to match the injectors to the size of your engine and maybe a little over (5-10 pounds over) to protect you from going to lean.

    I will edit this as I think of more. Cheers!!

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    You need to check with an auto performance shop, they have kits for this seeing a lot involved in changeover. look on web for high performance auto efi kits.

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