How to get into a great college?

My goal in life is to get a Ph.D in molecular biology from a proud university, and teach at a proud university too, and/or start and Chair a biotech company.

I am a soph in HS. Am I on track to this goal? The colleges im striving for are UC Berkeley, MIT, or CalTech.

*Played clarinet with HS symphonic band since 8th grade, bypassed concert band freshman yr. member of County Select Band, planning to go for State Band this year

*Taught myself Python programming, computer hacking, etc.

*County science fair, won numerous awards including a scholarship to summer science program at UC Berkeley, and recognition in the Society for in Vitro Biology Journal

*Self studied business and economics, cofounding a Business environmental consortium in local area with businessmen

*Invited to honors program at local comunity college

*Freshmen year, Aug 2010: Practice SAT score 1740, ACT 27

*Not yet in NHS, but will apply while still in soph year

*Working with a professor at UCSF on researching bacterial identification. The device we are creating will have graet advatages over current competing products, and will qualify for a patent, and maybe even licensable to a company (or my future one!). We hope to enter our research into ISEF, the high school Olympics for for science

*Sophomore classes: AP World History, Symphonic Band, Precalculus, Chemistry, Spanish 2, Speech and debate.

*Hobbies: xc running, xc cycling, chess


Oh I should mention that the computer hacking was practiced legally on servers meant for the purpose.

Update 2:

4.0 GPA

Volunteer at senior center over summer

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    I dont think computer hacking would look good on your resume.

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