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Stp Fuel system cleaner?

ok so today I bought the stp fuel system cleaner and I poured everything in my gas tank. Don't worry I made sure that it's the right amount. my question is, next time I get my oil change and I want to put techron fuel system cleaner, will it harm my car or not? I just heard that techron is better so I Regret buying stp

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  • 10 years ago
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    They are both fine. STP may or may not be as good as Techron. I suppose I place more trust in Techron because it is made by a gas company, but the fact is, STP has been around for a long time, and hasn't gone out of business from lawsuits regarding their product being either harmful or snake-oil. Heck, unlike most additive companies, I am not even familiar with any lawsuits against them (not saying there aren't any), which is pretty amazing.

    Sorry, I suppose that wasn't all that helpful. To be honest, if you read Consumer Reports and/or CarTalk, they advise against any additives in your oil or gas, saying they all have enough already in them. Seems like, if you want to add Techron, why not just fill your tank with Chevron gas every once in a while (this is what I do). This has the added benefit that you don't have to worry if the bottle is for a 12 or 20 gallon tank, or buying multiple bottles if you have some super-sized tank.

  • 10 years ago

    Wait 3000 miles and you can put anything else in it. I recommend the Lucas Oil brand fuel system cleaner. It has been the best that I've used ever since I started working on cars. You can feel the difference in the way the car drives and you'll see a difference at the pump. Good luck.

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