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Passé composé and imparfait French help?

I have to write 10 sentences in a mixture of passé composé and imparfait. I just wanted to make sure I was doing them right, or know how to fix them.

1. Je suis allé Hilton Head.

2. J’ai est allé Ireland et France avec Katey.

3. J’ai regarde art á le Musée du Louvre.

4. Je mangé le poisson et frire dans Ireland.

5. Je mangé le crêpes de nutella dans Pairs.

6. J’ai eu mon anniversaire.

7. Je suis allé aquarium.

8. Je suis allé la cinema et regarde Horrible Bosses.

9. Je suis allé le lac avec mon amie, Blair.

10. J’ai mangé à le Melting Pot avec mon amie.

If I did something wrong can you fix it please? Thanks!

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  • rose
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    8 years ago
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    Like Bro said, none of these sentences lend themselves to the imperfect.

    If you need to use the imperfect tense in your homework, then maybe think about changing these sentences a bit.

    The imperfect is used for actions in the past that are considered incomplete; that's either something habitual, what USED TO happen, over a longer period of time. Or it can be an action that was in progress, what WAS HAPPENING, but wasn't completed.

    For example: I used to go to the cinema from time to time. (from time to time, it was an ongoing thing, it wasn't just one completed action. Compare it to, 'I went to the cinema last Friday', which is just one action.) J'allais au cinema de temps en temps.

    Or; I was getting dressed when I heard someone knocking at the door. "was getting dressed" = there is no indication that you completed the action, you were in the process of getting dress when something else (a knock at the door) interrupted it. So the action wasn't, at that moment in time, completed.

    Je m'habillais, quand j'ai entendu quelqu'un frapper à la port.

    Anyway, the reason why I just rambled on about the imperfect is this: if you need to include it in your homework, then you'll have to change what you're saying. For example, where you said, "I ate at the Melting pot with my friend" (on one occassion, calling for the perfect tense), you could say, "I often used to eat at the Melting pot with my friend." The adverb "often" would change it into an ongoing, habitual action in the past, so you could use the imperfect.

    Je mangeais souvent au Melting Pot avec mon amie.

    Bonne chance. :)

  • Roger
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    8 years ago

    There's plenty wrong. I fixed the mistakes. Don't you know any verb except "aller"? If you're ♀ the "allé" needs an extra "e" for agreement: "allée." I'll assume you're male so won't change that. I also tried to add some variety in these sentences. There was no imparfait in them.

    1. Je suis allé à Hilton Head.

    2. Je suis allé en Ireland et en France avec Katey.

    3. Pendant que je regardais des tableaux au Musée de Louvre, j'ai vu mon ami Paul.

    4. J'ai mangé du poisson et des frites en Ireland.

    5. J'ai mangé des crêpes de Nutella à Pairs.

    6. J’ai eu mon anniversaire. [A stupid sentence. Use the imparfait, as you're supposed to: C'était mon anniversaire et j'avais envie d'aller à la plage avec mes copains. It was my birthday and I felt like going to the beach with my friends.]

    7. Je suis allé à l'aquarium.

    8. Je suis allé au cinéma où on jouait un film de Woody Allen.

    9. Je nageais dans le lac avec mon amie Blair, qui avait achêté un nouveau maillot, quand un gros poisson nous a fair peur. I was swimming in the lake with my friend Blair, who had bought a new swimsuit, when a big fish scared us.

    10. J’ai mangé chez le Melting Pot avec mon amie.

  • 8 years ago

    1. Je suis allé AU Hilton Head.

    2. Why "j'ai est allé"? Je suis allé was correct in the first sentence, so no need to make a funny construction in another sentence. => Je suis allé en Irelande avec K.

    3. de l'art - au musée ("à le" does not exist and is always expressed by "au")

    4. Je mangé??? -> you are missing the auxiliary "avoir" - du poisson - des frites - en Irelande

    5. idem "je mangé"? - le crêpes is not possible, crêpes is plural, so DES crêpes - à P.

    7. à l'aquarium

    8. cinéma is masculine (le), so "à le" but that doesn't exist and becomes "au" - j'ai regardé

    9. same thing: AU lac

    10. again: AU Melting Pot

    It seems you still have a lot of basic grammar to learn. I don't want to push you, but you'd better take those grammar books and study. Good luck.

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  • 8 years ago

    all verbs have to bein' passé composé' ,because their repetitions for the 'imparfait 'are unknown

    1. Je suis allé/e à Hilton Head.

    2. J’ai été allé/e en Irlande et en France avec Katey.

    3. J'ai visité l'art au musée du Louvre.

    4. J'ai mangé du poisson et des frites de l' Irlande.

    5. J'ai mangé les crêpes de nutella à Pairs.

    6. J’ai eu mon anniversaire.

    7. Je suis allé/e à l'aquarium.

    8. Je suis allé/e au cinéma et j'ai vu des Horribles Bosses.

    9. J'ai marché le long du lac avec mon ami ?, Blair.( masculine ami...feminine amie)

    10. J’ai mangé..... (Melting Pot ?)avec mon amie?.....( masculine ami...feminine amie)

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you want to show the difference between the passé composé and imparfait tenses in one sentence, these may help:

    Pendant que j'ouvrais la barrière, le chat est sorti - As I was opening the gate, the cat went out.

    Comme il pleuvait, j'ai mis mon imper - Since it was raining, I put on my raincoat.

    Je me suis levé(e) de bonne heure parce que je voulais sortir - I got up early because I was wanting to go out.

    J'ai vu l'accident comme je traversais le pont- I saw the accident as I was crossing the bridge.

    The imperfect is used for the action that was going on when another action took place at one point during that time, for which the passé composé is used.

    Source(s): BA in French
  • 8 years ago

    1. correct

    2. je suis allé en Irelande et en France avec Katey.

    3. j'ai regardé l'art au musée du louvre

    4. j'ai mangé du poisson....

    5. j'ai mangé les....

    6. suis allé au aquarium

    8. je suis allé au cinéma et j'ai regardé ....

    9. je suis allé au lac...

  • Sarah
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    8 years ago

    If I corrected it, I would have had to rewrite all of your sentences. You forgot basic grammar rules, such as passe compose verbs using etre and you don't have any properly written imparfait sentences. Also, you forgot articles and you forgot to use prepositions such as "to". I suggest you review your French textbook and basic grammar rules.

    Source(s): I've been brought up speaking both French and English
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