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question for people that play guild wars?

1. when is guild wars 2 release date

2. is guild wars and all the expansions worth playing once the 2nd one is out?

3. what are all the expansion for guild wars?

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    1. when is guild wars 2 release date

    The development-team behind GuildWars 2, Arenanet, have repeatedly said "When it is done" and for good reason.

    They don't want to tie themselves down with a releasedate and then have to rush the job.

    There are some thoughts that it would be done in....

    ... a few weeks (but that's not happening, trust me)

    ... three months (highly unlikely)

    ... at the start of the new year (which would be Q¤ 2011 / Q1 of 2012) - the far more likely alternative

    ... a year (makes little sense, since building anticipation this far in advance is detrimental to sales)

    Arenanet have yet to reveal one of the professions and have not held all of the racial presentations yet. There are things they have yet to announce or show off, and while they have stated that aplha and closed beta will be held this year, they have not spoken of an actual release-date.

    I suggest you watch the video below of one of the senior staff at Areanet getting asked this question and listen to WHY he says "when it is ready".

    You can also check out my youtube-channel for up-to-the-date information on the upcoming game.

    2. is guild wars and all the expansions worth playing once the 2nd one is out?

    Absolutely. Specifically Guild Wars 2 players will want to revisit Guild Wars 1 to keep building on their Hall of Monuments (there is a clip on my channel about that, too).

    Arenanet has stated that they will keep the servers up, and even though no new expansions for it are planned, the Live Team, a dedicated group within Arenanet, ahve produced new contents over the last year and more for GW1, provided free of charge to all players, including a massive civil war and an epic lovestory.

    Yes, GW1 will still be there, and will still be fun.

    3. what are all the expansion for guild wars?

    Guild Wars 1 has only one true expansion; The Eye of the North. The other three parts; Prophecies, Factions and Nightfall, are really are separate enteties, that can be played individually and separately, or jioned together (so that your character can play through all three). You need to have at least one of these three chapters to be able to use the Eye of the North, as it is a true expansion.

    It is within the Eye of the North that you will be able to access the Hall of Monuments and obtain items for Guild Wars 2, as well.

    Best of luck and see you in Guild Wars 2!

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    1. Release Date:

    ArenaNet/NCSoft have not announced a release date yet. The only thing they have said, is "When It's Done", because they want the game to be the very best it can be, and they will take whatever time they need to make it so. Right now they themselves don't even know exactly how long this will take, so all dates you see on other sites (like IGN) are pure speculation, and release dates published on sites like amazon are only placeholders until the real releasedate is announced.

    Guild Wars 2 is currently in closed alpha testing phase, and the closed beta test should also start before the end of the year (no applications are accepted for these, it's friends and family only - do NOT trust sites that claim to give you access to the beta; they are fake!). The results of those tests will determine how much more time ArenaNet needs to finish the game.

    They have stated that there will be a public beta closer to the releasedate, but when that will be, is also still unknown, and also depends on the outcome of the closed beta. Within the guild wars fan community, most people believe it will be early 2012, but there is no way to be sure.

    Your best bet is, to keep an eye on the official guild wars 2 site and on the arenanet blog. Both the public beta and the release date will definitely be announced there.

    2. Guild Wars 1:

    ArenaNet have said that they will keep the Guild Wars 1 servers up, and they will keep supporting GW1, as long as there are enough people playing it. Right now there is still quite a bit of activity on the Guild Wars servers, especially on the US servers (it's definitely a lot less on the international servers). It's not as much as it used to be, though. But since the Hall of Monuments was announced, in which you can earn item rewards for Guild Wars 2, a number of people have actually returned to playing, and quite a few new players have come in. And the daily Zaishen quests/missions are very popular for that purpose (see the wiki for details on those).

    Also, the GW1 Live Team still does regular game updates, including a crossover story from GW1 to GW2 (Guild Wars Beyond). This keeps a lot of people interested, even those who have already finished all the quests and missions. So at the moment there are still plenty of reasons to play GW1, and the Live Team will continue supporting the game as long as there are enough people.

    However, I do expect the amount of players to drop significantly when GW2 is released, so only time will tell if "enough people" remain to play GW1.

    3. Expansions:

    The original "Guild Wars" consists of 4 parts: there are the 3 major campaigns "Prophecies" (the original "Guild Wars"), "Factions" and "Nightfall", and there is the expansion "Eye of the North" (see also the "products" section on the original guildwars website). The major campaigns can be played independently of each other, or they can be linked together for one large game. "Eye of the North" requires at least one of the three major campaigns. "Eye of the North" is the game that also contains the "Hall of Monuments" I mentioned above. If you're thinking of buying GW at this stage, I recommend looking for a package like the Trilogy (which contains all 3 major campaigns, but not EOTN), or the "Complete Collection" (which contains all four). You should be able to find them for about $10 per campaign/expansion, so approx. $40 for the complete set. Given the lack of monthly fees, that's a really good deal...

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