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Can marijuana cause desensitization lasting over 24 hours?

My friend who hardly smokes smoked weed (it was medical, so it was good quality) the other night and he smoked 2 almost 3 bowls of it by himself. He was acting completely out of it that night, which is too be expected, but now, two days later, he still feels like he can't feel things. He says it's like he has no sense of touch. Obviously the fact that it's been over 24 hours worries him. Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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    I am a former Medical Marijuana patient. Just because someone sold you marijuana and called medical marijuana does not mean that is medical grade marijuana. I doubt that it is. Medical marijuana is unlike stoners weed. Marijuana has many metabolites. Some are 9 delta THC acid, 9 delta THCV acid, CBG, and CBD. CBN is a metabolite of THC. CBN, THC, THCV, all make you high. THC occurs as an acid. It is not metabolized by the body. It must be converted to THC/THCV. Heat or burning it allows the body to metabolize it. THC/THCV acid can me metabolized if it is dissolved in a solvent, such as alcohol, or in an oil, such as sesame seed (or other) oil, (such as peanut butter). It also dissolves in fats (such as butter). Medical Marijuana uses special strains of marijuana. The metabolites of marijuana are fixed at levels, such as 11 percent or 15 percent of THC or CBD. Medical marijuana always has some of the metabolite CBD in it, and no CBN. CBD is an important therapeutic metabolite. CBD is anti-pain, anti cancer, is an anticonvulsant, a neuroprotectant, and is an anti psychotic. Because CBD has anti-psychotic properties, it would bring you down. Stoners weed has bred CBD out, and has the THC and THCV levels as high as possible.

    Medical Marijuana is not, despite peoples opinions, intended to get people stoned. Too high a level of THC in marijuana as a medicine does not let the person function. I had met a lady who is using marijuana for her M.S. Marijuana is the only drug on the planet that treats her. She is also a mother of 2 small children. She can not be impaired by THC and be a mom to her children. She uses a strain of marijuana that does not get people high. Some people use medical marijuana by 'juicing' it. Juices from the plant (not the bud which is rich in THC) are expressed from the leaves in a special juicer. The juice is concentrated and filtered. It is added to carrot or other juice (because marijuana juice is very bitter). The CBD metabolite does not occur as an acid, so it is metabolized. The THC acid passed out of the body in the urine unchanged. Medical marijuana uses stabilized strains. In stoners weed, the levels of the metabolites vary from one gram to another, and from one plant to another. Medical marijuana is prescribed not only by gram, but by it's active metabolites. Pain control and cancer require very high levels of THC and CBD, epilepsy and certain autoimmune disorders very low levels of THC, and high levels of CBD. Too high a level of THC triggers seizures in these patients. Pain patients want a drug to treat pain, but they also want to be able to function. You can not drive a car if you are /ucct up on THC. Marijuana that is grown out doors is subject to bird droppings. Marijuana is infested with insects and mites. Marijuana is highly prone to mold and fungus. All of these kill the plants. Growers spray the plants with insecticides, miticides, and fungicides. Many of the patients using medical marijuana have a compromised immune system. Insects, insect parts, larvae, mites and bird feces all have deadly pathogens that can kill. These patients can not risk fatal fungal infections. Medical marijuana is grown in special environments that are parasitic and mold free, not subject to bird feces, and are not sprayed with poisons. Medical marijuana is not grown in dirt, rather in growth media. Marijuana uptakes lead and other heavy metals into it's roots system which forms compounds which impede plant growth. Patients in some states can buy medical marijuana, but legal marijuana is not medical marijuana. I have epilepsy. When I was a medical marijuana patient, I was living in IA. Marijuana was, and is not legal in IA, so I was unable to obtain medical marijuana. I had to buy street grade marijuana (which is high in THC). In epilepsy high levels of THC cause seizures. I had to learn how to smoke it in such a manor were I did not get high. When I was using it, I did not get stoned. I was unable to juice it because you need special medical strains for that. Marijuana can cause desensitzation when people use stoners weed. This is not a problem in medical marijuana where there are increased levels of CBD. To any using marijuana, do not use caffiene and marijuana togeather.

    Today I no longer have to rely on marijuana. They now have Rx drugs that work.

    Source(s): Former Medical Marijuana patient.
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    Did he eat good that day? That could be it, though.....

    If he smoked that much at one time and has not smoked it but a couple of times he smoked to much, you only need a few hits to catch a buzz. Just wait a day it will go away. And tell him to smoke a bowl every 4 or 5 hours till he is use to it. Once he is use to it he will never have that again and can smoke what ever amount he wants.

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    I have never heard of this ever. I dont think it was because of pot. I have been around plenty of smokers for years. Not once have i heard of pot causing any harm, besides tickets.

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    Was this prescribed? Call the doctor who recommended usage---

    if not RX----

    Call DEA they can tell you

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