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Emerson Flat Screen TV volume trouble?

My kids TV just started doing something really weird. Everytime I turn it on, the picture and everything else seems to be working just fine but the volume goes down to 0 by itself. When we try to turn up the volume it scrolls back down to zero everytime. We have tried turning up the volume on both the TV itself and with the remote but it still turns itself down all the way. And when I keep my finger on the Volume + button, the second I let go the sound goes down. I realize this is kind of funny and may seem like it has a mind of its own or that a ghost is messing with us, but I would really appreciate serious answers only,such as possible solutions or if anyone has experienced this themselves would be a lot of help :) thanks

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    The integrated circuit that adjusts the volume level is defective. It'll cost you some bucks to get it repaired.

    You might consider replacing it. And....don't buy Emerson.

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    My Emerson 32 inch does similar things, volume just goes to 0-100 and stays there. Its not the remote, as some suggest. Ive researched high and low and it looks like many folks have the same problem. Truthfully, its looking like a new TV. Even if you get the part cheap off of ebay, the TV reliability is pretty low. Gotta write this one off. Even my 70 in Vizio just crapped out, but it was covered by insurance. Sad state of affairs with TVs these days.

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    Why would anyone buy an Emerson TV in the first place? You're gonna have to buy some external speakers or use headphones.

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    Also try pushing the volume down button multiple time. Sometimes the micro-switch will stick, sometimes the plastic "button" will stick. Now, don't push it really hard, just enough to release the button if it is stuck.

    Hope this helps,


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    Read your Manual on Volume setup. TV automatically filters loud sounds and music. ie, Commercials that are loud and annoying.

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    Have a small piece of foil with glue(glue stick) on it ,set the your volume to whatever you desire and place the sticky foil over volume controls at the bottom

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