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Should I report this to the FBI?


I am a webmaster. Recently, one of my sites were hacked and someone gained access to upload a file. This person has defaced other websites, and for some reason stopped before anything happened to our site. This is a local government website, and the mayor was for reporting it. Should I report this to our local FBI office? I have the ISP, multiple accounts located, etc. The person who did this lives in Saudi Arabia, however, they hacked into an American website(multiple websites), so they are applicable to American punishments I imagine. I mean, I doubt the FBI would be happy about anyone going after an American site. Should I contact them? What will happen? Will they want to meet with me to collect information? I left the file they uploaded(clearly saying they hacked us) on our site untouched.



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  • 9 years ago
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    The Internet Crime Complaint Center (ICCC) is where you should report this event:

    Internet crime is defined as any illegal activity involving one or more components of the Internet, such as websites, chat rooms, and/or email. Internet crime involves the use of the Internet to communicate false or fraudulent representations to consumers. These crimes may include, but are not limited to, advance-fee schemes, non-delivery of goods or services, _computer hacking_, or employment/business opportunity schemes.

    Please not- The process moves S-L-O-W-L-Y, you should make any necessary changes to your website to make it MORE SECURE in the meantime. (Password changes, etc.)

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