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What order should those boxers be, from worst to best?

Put them in order.

I'll start...

1. Rich Boruff

2. Mike Sheppard

from here on, continue...

Joey Abell, Vinny Maddalone, Flo Simba, Nagy Aguilera, Friday Ahunanya, Demetrice King, Sherman Williams, Derric Rossy, Timur Ibragimov, Larry Donald, Tony Thompson, Carl Davis Drumond, Jason Estrada, Taras Bydenko, Kevin Johnson, Danny Williams, Kali Meehan, Rich Power, Teke Oruh, Nicolai Firtha, Zack Page, Travis Walker, Jean Marc Mormeck, Odlanier Solis, Maurice Harris........put them all in order FROM WORST TO BEST!!! Use BoxRec if it helps:)

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    This is a tough one, I don't know much about a lot of these guys.

    Worst to Best:

    Rich Boruff

    Mike Sheppard

    Demetrice King

    Zack Page

    Teke Oruh

    Flo Simba

    Taras Bydenko

    Nicolai Firtha

    Kali Meehan

    Rich Power

    Joey Abell

    Carl Davis Drummond

    Derrick Rossy

    Maurice Harris

    Sherman Williams

    Vinny Maddalone

    Travis Walker

    Timur Ibragimov

    Larry Donald

    Friday Ahunanya

    Nagy Aguilera

    Danny Williams

    Jason Estrada

    Jean Marc Mormeck

    Kevin Johnson

    Odlanier Solis

    Tony Thompson

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