Pregnant Mosquito Fish???? HELP?

I had 12 mosquito fish and 4 pregnant mosquito fish and they all lived together in my pond, but it stopped working and all of then died but 5 and i transported them into a fish bowl and but chlorine cleaner in the water and everything and they seem to be fine, (living on my nightstand) . But I've had them for a week and the pregnant ones are in there still, When will they give birth?? Will They die in the fish bowl?? Where should i put them?? and how many babies will they have??

PS. the fishbowl is the size of and old fashioned computer but round.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Mosquito fish will be pregnant for about a month before giving birth. They will give birth if the conditions are right (warmer temperature, about 75F, and clean water). You can tell that she's about to give birth if her belly is HUGE and square, as opposed to round. The fries should not die in the bowl if the water conditions are ok. However given that mama and papa fish eat their babies, it'd be best to separate the babies from the adults to prevent that. depending on the size and age of the mosquito fish, they can have from 5-100 babies. You can keep the babies in a separate fish tank/bowl and feed them finely crushed up flakes or baby brine shrimp :D

    Hope it helps! and best of luck :D

    Source(s): experience. i keep mosquito fish
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  • raab
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    3 years ago

    till they have been saved remoted for the previous six months, all Gambusia (mosquito fish) are pregnant. whilst the male inseminates the female he leaves sperm packets, sort of transplanted testicular fabric that retains generating sperm for 6 months despite if the male donor is now no longer in the image. the different mosquito fish, Heterandrea formosa, produces fry on the production line equipment. The fry are all diverse factors of progression and one or 2 are born from a mom on a daily basis.

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  • 3 years ago

    my female mosquito fish looks pregnant and has been well over a month . Why hasn't she given birth?

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  • 9 years ago


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