if an object is bright then what do u say about it that it is a)incandescent b)radiant c)bright d)flourescent?

select the correct one and explain it plz

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  • 9 years ago
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    c. If one of the choices matches the question exactly, there can be no better answer.

    Incandescent means so hot, it's giving off visible light. The screen on your LCD display may be bright, but it's not incandescent.

    Radiant means giving off energy. A heater beneath the floorboards might be radiant, but would not be bright.

    Fluorescent means glowing from stored energy. The sun may be bright, but we wouldn't describe it as fluorescent.

    And bright has other meanings, for example, smart. The computer program Deep Blue could be called bright.

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    9 years ago

    Well answer C seems to be the best one. I mean bright is bright. But know that B) radiant is a synonym to bright. Be sure you typed the C) bright answer correctly. But taking that out of the equation, radiant will be the correct answer.

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