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What help can i get until my babies father is found? Please help?

The guy i was seeing when I got pregnant moved out of state due to a sick family member that needed to be taken care of, we had decided to break up before he left and not speak because it would be hard. I didnt even know i was pregnant when he left. His aunt was getting treatment in one state, for cancer but lived in the state next to it. So i dont even know what state he is in right now.. I dont know his family, no names... Theres way too many people with his name so they cant narrow it down and find him. He may come back at some point i just have no idea when or if he even will. But if i do see him i will of course let him know and straighten everything out... I've waited this long and i just cant anymore, my daughter is almost 9 months old and still no sign of him.. And i could really use some extra help now. My daughter is very well taken care of but all the money coming in is mostly going to her and her needs which im not complaining about, im doing what i have to do. I cant get child support right now obviously, what are some other options? I've heard of TANF but i dont really know what it is or what the guide lines are for being able to recieve it. I live in Maine if that helps

And i know they are going to look for him, what im asking is what can i do UNTIL then.

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    9 years ago
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    First you will want to build a network of people who can provide you with emotional support if you do not already have such a group because they can help in emergencies, provide child- care when you need time,or can help you keep things organized etc. Be selective and be sure they are trustworthy people but I'm sure you do not need told that.

    There are most likely support groups for newly / long time single parents and they can offer an opportunity to share real information.

    You may qualify for the Maine TANF or other programs. Make an appointment with the area social services (Department of Health and Human Services).

    I'm not sure if you will need one yet but you might want to look into a lawyer just in case things do not go as you plan.

    Sorry I could not be of more help. Best wishes

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