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Game with copyright music, youtube matched third party content?

Am i allowed to upload a video of a game that has music (which youtube says: Matched third-party content. View Copyright Info.) already set to it. the game is musical lantern

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    Not without stating that it is not your song and that you do not own it.

    You must put a disclaimer.

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    you're extra effective off no longer even attempting to proceed illegally posting your stolen factors. The extra you place available and the longer it maintains to be up, the extra effective your probabilities of having somebody (all people) email a link to the copyright vendors of any of them, ensuing on your being sued into everlasting financial disaster, if no longer additionally charged below federal criminal rules (in the adventure that your theft surpassed a undeniable quantity). Neither of those violations has any provision for "i did no longer make any money and that i gave them credit" as any style of "protection". You the two had the essential license to re-positioned up those issues, or you probably did no longer. elementary. If I hire a motor vehicle for a weekend with "infinite miles", does that provide me the remarkable to allow my acquaintances use it tocontinual around the rustic and back in a Cannonball Run? No, it might violate the words of the license you obtained for possession. further, "sharing" any iTunes violates the license you acquire from them. you are able to desire to no longer basically be sued for copyright infringement, you are able to desire to completely lose any appropriate to touch iTunes, having shown you won't have the ability to be relied on with copies of issues that don't belong to you.

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