Child Endangerment and Vehicle Laws?

Yesterday my brothers ex wife came to pick up their son. She came with no car seat. My nephew is 2 years old. And by law he legally has to be in a car seat. My question is my brother knowing that can we walk right back inside with his son and not give him to her until she came back with the proper restraint system? Knowing she is the kind of person who constantly gets the authorities involved over the smallest dispute. My thinking was for him to come back inside with his son and let her call the police and when they get there explain to them she doesn't have the proper restraints and driving with expired plates. A professional opinion is greatly appreciated thank you

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  • 9 years ago
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    Th e question is really more of a statement, but anyway, you definatley sould not let the child in the car. She can complain and call anyone she wants, but she is in the wrong. It is illegal for children under a certain age and wieght to be without a car seat.

  • Bobbi
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    9 years ago

    He should not let his son go with her, or let her take the boy and then call the police and report dangerous driving. Give the police her direction and her address.

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