Are some people BORN evil?

I've always believed that everyone is pure of heart and soul when they are first born. & The evil part comes later because of horrible influences. But lately, I've been wondering.... is it possible that some people are born evil? For example... Hitler. What could've possibly influenced him to commit GENOCIDE? and what about those little elementary school children who take some kind of sick pleasure in killing small animals? Do you think some people are possibly born evil... is it in their nature to be cruel and heartless? Or do these things happen because of a bad home situation, influences from their family and/or society? Feel free to tell me what you think.

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    I think so. Some people are brought up evil. Bad childhood experience, neglected by parents, abuse, influence on people around them, how their parents choose to raise them, etc. could make a person evil and they feel they need to punish others for what happened to them (it makes them feel better to see others in pain.) But, there is the occasional person who just likes torturing living things. I know this is fiction, but Michael Caine really says it in the Batman movie The Dark Knight. He says, "Some people just like to watch the world burn" which I totally agree with.

    I think Hitler was a mix of both. He hated Jews (this is just part of the reason) because he wanted to be an artist. The art college he wanted to go to was mostly ran by Jews. Hitler felt like he needed revenge on them, he needed to punish innocent people because he couldn't have his dream. I also think he liked watching people die, try reading sections of Mein Kampf, I read it for school. It is extremely brilliant, but sick and evil.

    As for the elementary bullies, I feel 99.% of those bullies are innocent children, the bad family experiences, neglected by family members, blah blah blah, that feel like they need someone to feel their pain (or worse pain) because it makes them feel good about themselves, like they aren't the only ones going through a hard time. i don't think these kids mean harm, I think it's a cry for help more than anything. The 1% of the other kids are the actual evil ones. The seriel killers, whatever.

    An example for true evil is Charles Manson. Look at what he did in the late 60s. He had absolutely no reason for killing any of those people (well, having people kill for him) it was completely random, didn't know a single one of them. That to me is an even more worse evil,( this goes for Hitler, too) Not only do you have no reason for killing those people you didnt even personally know, but you had people do it for you. Hitler and Manson were phycological brainwashers (especially Hitler) they couldn't do the job themselves, so they needed to trick people into what they believed (Manson even had his followers believe he was Jesus.) to me, this is the worst of the worst, they are very sneaky and very well planned. They can't do the work themselves, so they have someone else do it for them. They have people be their puppets, little copies of themselves. Manson never even killed anyone, his followers did it all themselves. To me, the manipulators are cowards, but the worst. Manipulate people into doing things they can't do, whatever the reason. Could be it's easier for them to not get caught, they feel like they aren't to be fully blamed since other people helped, or they can't physically and/or emotionally do it themselves.

    Source(s): School/what I think. Sorry I wrote so much, it kinda all just came to me and I felt it was a equally important haha :)
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    Some People Are Born Evil

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    It is impossible to measure "evilness" in newborns, therefore no empirical data to answer your question succinctly. We have to determine what you mean by "evil" and where people stop or start being evil. If you research the person of Hitler, you might be surprised about his characteristics. How many of them contributed to his "evilness" or behavior? Children that mutilate animals is definitely a red flag, and is attributed to something else in their lives that is measurable and apparent. I personally don't think that people are born either inherently good or evil, unless we agree that not DOING anything evil makes you good. A newborn hasn't done or thought anything yet, so how could we call it evil? I suppose if some geneticist were to discover a chromosomal anomaly that was shared in every repeat offender, then we could say that someone might have a predisposition to being evil. The propensity to become evil has obvious facets to it, and like you said, nature (DNA) vs. nurture (homelife) and how each influences a person, is the best source of an answer.

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    Nobody comes to Earth all bad or all good. There's a light and a dark side in each and everyone of us. But depending on how slmeone had been raised, his past, people act differently. It's a good and a bad thing. It creates diversity but also mean & cruel humans. But nobody is born evil. All demon or all angel. There's something that pushes people to act the way they do and the key is the find that something in someone's soul. Then, it's possible for him to turn out like a nice guy, in fact.

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    evil itself is just a term, usually determined by a majority opinion.

    kids who kill small animals are usually one step closer to being a sociopath, and they are just about incapable of having feelings for anyone other then themselves. in one sense, they are born "evil", since clearly their are things hidden in our dna that with or without certain outside influences shape us as people. i mean, people are born smart, right? just as they are born dumb. a normal everyday person just cant be turned into a sociopath. they may kill and do terrible things, but true sociopaths are a different breed.

    many things influenced hitler. and to be fair, he probably never killed a single jew himself, he convinced others to do it. and convinced even more to simply look the other way, if they preferred not to get involved. all in all, it didnt seem he had to try that hard. so whats it all mean? maybe their is evil in all of us after all.

    another way i look at it is, we are just highly evolved animals. often times animals do things that to us seem pretty darn cruel and evil. yet we simply call it nature, not evil. the animal doesnt ponder what it does for long, it doesnt have the brains for it, but we do. go figure.

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    First of all, you need to drop the concept of good and evil. They don't exist, not for an individual.

    People have different priorities, and the traditional "good" is just how much does the well-being of others weight against your personal comfort, and this is almost 100% cultural.

    About people being born pure, empathy is one of the last things people learn growing up (and with that I mean adapting to the societal norms), and some don't ever really learn it. A child is a mean being, it's hateful, selfish, petty, and almost always puts himself before anything else. A child by definition is evil, but we understand that he just has selfish traits. If an adult acted like a child, he would be considered evil.

    There are people who are considered evil because of mental disorders, like sociopaths. They don't understand the concept of caring about others, but that doesn't make them evil, it just makes them unable to adapt to society. Sometimes they do terrible things, but like anyone else, they just act the only way they know how to.

    Think about it this way. Are animals evil? Most large carnivores would rip you to shreds for just the heck of it. No, they aren't. They just are what they are and do what they do, and even though they'd kill us if given an opportunity, there's no good or evil about it.

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    Personality is caused partly by genetics and partly by events in early childhood. One can have a genetic predisposition to be mean by nature, but upbringing can sometimes dispel it. One can have a genetic predisposition to be very kind, but a horrible childhood would cause the opposite. Or a combination of a genetic predisposition to be kind and a good childhood could cause a humanitarian, and a genetic predisposition to be mean and a horrible childhood could cause a genocidal madman.

    I imagine the variables can magnify each other.

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    that is not suitable if the toddler grew to become into born evil. the consequences of being incorrect (by using letting the toddler stay) are too great to permit the hand of destiny to play itself returned. you could desire to kill that toddler. until, of path, you're of the perception that we are able to possibly not have quite some what we've if there were no WWII. It grew to become into responsible for the strengthen of jet and rocket potential, the invention of nuclear drugs, the modernization of the artwork rigidity to permit women folk in lots of factors before off-limits to them. So it follows that we owe Adolph Hitler a debt on those factors, sure? No trouble-free solutions.

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    Hitler wasn't born evil he had a rough childhood with an abusive dad who was a Jew

  • 9 years ago

    no one is born evil. Everyone has a reason for acting how they do.

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