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Need to ask a daft question?

I dont really want to ask this and i'm normally answering these questions not asking them. Right i want to know if anyone knows about water infections in women. I've never had one in my life untill last month. And nw i think i have another one. I am just wondering could it be my bf causing them? He is abit of a tramp tbh. He will shower like once a month maybe 2. I shower atleast 3-4 times a wk. We use condoms to, but we have sex abit first without then put one on. We have a 2 yr old son, so please no pregga moans lol. Anyway i plead with him to wash but he cant be bothered. Do you think his unclean manhood cud be helping towards the bad bacteria that causes them? Also every time i give oral i get a sore or sumfink on my lips. I used to really enjoy oral but now i bearly if at all do it. Either because i have a sore from the last time, or im to worried about getting them. Both of us have been tested 4 STI'S. all clear. Please serious answers. Thanks. Oh and p.s bf has brushed his teeth 3 times since june 2009. Yes you read right. Strangley enough his manhood and breath doesnt smell bad atall. :-/ weird!

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    By water infection do you mean urinary tract infection or bladder infection? Those are most commonly caused by bacteria getting shoved up the urinary tract during sex. It's important for both of you to shower roughly every other day. Try to pee within 30-45 minutes after sex to flush out bacteria. Also try cranberry pills and/or cranberry juice as this can sometimes be helpful.


    If he can't be persuaded to brush his teeth....use a dental dam if you have oral sex. The human mouth contains an unbelievable amount of bacteria→which of course is made to live in the mouth not your vagina. Taking care of yourself is hard work, but its important work. If you don't then you wind up with lots of infections that are painful and can lead to further complications if ignored.

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    How yucky/skanky your boyfriend sounds, you could also shower a bit more by the sounds of it. Minging or what?

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    Yes he could is the short answer

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    Is this for real? If he was my boyfriend he wouldn't come anywhere near me till he cleaned his act up.

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    Please excuse me while I throw up.

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