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disadvantage of using drugs?

disadvantage of using drugs

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    It would depend largely on the drugs. Most drugs have side affects, anything you have a prescription for will usually provide you with a list. Some, like opiates such as oxycontin can be very addictive as well.

    Recreational drugs come in variety of forms with a wide variety of effects and side effects. Marijuana can affect your memory, and generally make you complacent, or lazy. Stimulants like amphetamines can make you twitchy, and can cause dehydration. Hallucinogens like LSD or Psilocybin can make you see things that are not there.

    Many drugs are addictive, and the withdrawl associated with them can range from minor irritability to intense fevers. Most psychoactive drugs will, if used habitually for extended periods, leave a lasting impression on our brains. This can include poor memory, or chemical imbalances that affect our moods. This includes anything from cannabis, to MDMA, to prescription anti-depressants and painkillers.

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    Yellow teeth, sunken eyes, poor vision, yellow nails, frail thin hair, prison when caught, organ failure, hallucinations, swollen genitals, muscle aches, some cause especially inhallents instant death, head aches different drugs have different side effects and may vary more or less with the use, ultimately death

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    chemical drugs are bad. period. any man made drug can fück you up pretty bad. just think about it.

    buttttttt marijuana is an herb. it's not bad for you at all. if you're considering using a drug i would suggest weed.

    trust me. don't **** yourself up by doing chemical drugs (cocain, heroin, meth, lsd)

    just think of it like drinking bleach or sniffing scrub n' bubbles. sooner or later its gonna kill you

    but marijuana is just an herb, like the spices in your spice rack (oregano, basil leaves)

    the only difference is that marijuana has THC on it (which will give you a buzz)

    but you're safe with marijuana haha...use it carefully though

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    you can die... obviously.

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