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04 mazda rx8 shut off problems?

Whenever i drive my 2004 mazda rx8 it drives fine really well at that i have no codes on my dash and doesn't flash the check engine light while im driving or as i speed up the problem i come to is if i have to stop the car and cut it off it wont crank back up u can turn it and turn it and nothing sounds like it gets very little fire but doesn't start. Ive also tried the de-flooding method after this has happened and still doesn't work. ive found two ways to get car to start back and that's letting it sit for an hour to two hours or jump starting it when you jump start it it starts instantly. Now most people say that they believe i have a bad battery but ive replaced the battery and i still get the same problem. has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it

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    Here are a few items to look at that can cause hard starting issues:

    1) Have the spark plugs and wires ever been replaced? Rotary's need this done more often than piston engines.

    2) Have the ignition coils inspected. These are a common failure item on the RX8 and should really be considered a regular maintenance item. There are better ones out there for the car then the OEM units. Check on for advise. There is a dealer there (I think called BHR Performance) that can supply better ones.

    3) The fuel filter attached to the fuel pump (which is essentially a "sock" over the pump inlet port) is known to get clogged with crud from the fuel tank, so have that looked at.

    4) Do you drive the motor hard on occasion? Rotary's tend to build up carbon more easily than a piston engine. It's recommended the engine get run up to red-line as often as it's safe to do so. This really helps burn off carbon deposits. If you haven't been doing this then a good, long highway day trip would really help. Take an 8 hour highway drive somewhere...enjoy the scenery while cleaning your motor!

    Source(s): Owned an '05 RX8 for 5 years
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